2010-05-17 Venture capital injects into "Troubled Sui and Tang Dynasties" to become page tour "icebreaker" (VC 261)

In 2010, the market situation of the web game market changed suddenly. Just when most industry insiders believed that the web game will enter the ice age, the event of "Rejecting Stars and Endorsement of Grassroots Players with Million Annual Salary" organized by "Troubled Sui and Tang Dynasties" called out " The slogan of “playing your own game on behalf of yourself” seems to have caught the hearts and minds of countless game players. Not only has it been highly affirmed and supported by players. At the same time, it has also attracted the attention of many venture capitalists. According to relevant media It is reported that after investing in a lot of market research, one of the top investors in the domestic TV program threw an olive branch to "Tranquil Sui and Tang", which also made the "Tranquil Sui and Tang" the work-"Tranquil Sui and Tang" became the "icebreaker" of the web game market. ".

According to analysis, the reason why the investor intends to inject a large amount of money into "Gone with the Sui and Tang Dynasties" lies in its golden program. The main audience of the show is single urban white-collar workers, especially the post-80s and post-90s who were sometimes called "sportsmen and women", which is in line with the user groups of strategy-based web games such as "Troubled Sui and Tang". Since the program was launched in 2009, the ratings have long been at the top of the list, but due to the strong competition of similar programs, it is urgently needed to inject new and distinctive elements. It is necessary to play both beauty and cultural cards, as well as richer profits. Bundling with web games is not only the best choice, but also the trick of killing three birds with one stone.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the "Turbulent Times Sui and Tang Dynasties" did not give a positive response. He was even more indecisive about the controversial beauty guest endorsement in the show, but focused on the promotion of the game itself. According to its introduction, the R & D and operation of "The Sui and Tang Dynasties" adopted the unique concept of "one center, two basic points".

One center, "Tang Sui Tang" insists on taking the classic strategy model as the center, digs deep into the gameplay on the basis of respecting the habits of web game users, and insists on making every detail. "Gone in the Sui and Tang Dynasties" believes that the biggest advantage of web games is that there is no client and can be played anytime, anywhere, so users are mostly white-collar workers and students, and the proportion of women is also very high. If you give up the classic strategy model, it is tantamount to giving up on web games. The biggest advantage, therefore, "Gone with the Sui and Tang Dynasties" puts the research and development focus on the details of the gameplay. For example, field battles, city battles, and camp battles can all be controlled by hand, which is much larger than the traditional "no matter after dispatch" mode. breakthrough.

The two basic points are the interaction of fighting and the formation of heroes. The so-called warfare interaction is not only as simple as siege, 1300 counties and 192 counties, in addition to "sending troops to fight", you also have scouts and spy wars, such as poisoning, destruction, looting of official silver, and rescue of being Captive generals and other special games. As for the cultivation of heroes, it is said that on the basis of inheriting and developing the traditional strategy game style, the essence of gameplay in some RPG games, real-time strategy games, and community games is integrated, which makes the game's fun and endurance to the extreme!

As for how to integrate web games and variety shows, it is still the focus of public attention. In view of the fact that "Gone with the Sui and Tang Dynasties" is about to be introduced to the market, it is more likely to invite the beautiful guests in the show to speak for the market activities. I hope that the official "Millions of Grassroots Spokesperson" event of the "Gang of the Sui and Tang Dynasties" will not be well-known.

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