2011 Summer Fashion Spark Eye Makeup

Red, always gives a hot feeling. This winter is not too cold. Pick up the makeup, Dong Tu Xi Tu will do whatever he wants, splash the hot colors to the surface! The peach blossoms of the affair are blooming on the face, and the red lanterns of the blessings are hung on the surface... Compared to the artificial flower market, it is more lively and real.
Golden yellow eyeshadow sweeps in the eyelids
First, use a shiny golden eye shadow to sweep the eyelids to make a background color. Draw a thick eyebrow to make the makeup more prominent. Sweep the yellowish eye shadow on the fundus first, and then sweep the orange red rouge on the top of the cheekbone.

Safety and environmental protection 
High quality FDA-approved silicone, non-toxic,not have smells or any flavors,healthy and environmental protection,you can have a rest to use it without any worry about the safety of the material. 

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Easy to clean 
Are you always be difficult to move by oil stain,and spend long time to clean it?The Silicone Placemat not exist those annoy trouble,it's very easy to clean and wash, it's really make good feelings to use it. 

Cute and stylish 
Cloud pattern design coincide kids's interest, and it's stylish color bring good mood when having meals. What's more,the placemat have special design for slip resistant. 

Soft and flexible Folding material quality can be good for you to store up and portable to bring out,as it's ligtweight. 

baby dining mat (2)

Silicone Placemat

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