Technical innovation of functional corrugated cardboard and carton (4)

Normal > Ø          Silica Hybrid Liner Corrugated Paperboard and Carton

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Normal > The corrugated board has good preservation performance. The processing of the board is exactly the same as that of the ordinary corrugated board. There is no need to add any material between the liner and the corrugated board. Its preservation effect lies in the fact that the inner liner of the cardboard contains nanopowders capable of absorbing ethylene gas. Nanopowders are porous powders made of silica as the main raw material. White silica has better performance in adsorbing ethylene gas than activated carbon, rare earth zirconium and zeolite. Therefore, nano-silica powder is used. Paper as a liner of corrugated board has better preservation effect.

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Normal > Nanotechnology in Functional Carton Packaging

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Normal > Nano-type corrugated cardboard boxes

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Normal > Existing fresh-keeping techniques and processes are very complex, and fresh-keeping packaging is ineffective. Relatively high costs are incurred during packaging operations, storage, and transportation. With nanotechnology, these problems will be solved.

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Normal > Ø          The fresh-keeping packaging of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables is to solve the problem of ethylene, a gaseous substance that accelerates deterioration of fruits and vegetables. In fresh-keeping packaging, fruits and vegetables release ethylene. When the concentration of ethylene reaches a certain concentration, the fruits and vegetables will accelerate rot. Therefore, ethylene absorbers should be added to the fresh-keeping packaging to reduce the ethylene content in the package to improve the preservation effect and extend the shelf life. . However, tests have shown that the effect of the ethylene absorbents found so far is not ideal, which has led to difficulties in the research of fresh-keeping packaging. Nano Ag powder can accelerate the oxidation of ethylene released from fruits and vegetables to reduce the ethylene content, so as to achieve a good preservation effect. The nanoparticles used as oxidation catalysts mainly include Fe3O4 , Fe2O3 , CO3O4 , NiO, and Pt , Rh , Ag , Pd, and the like.

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