Alcian Blue 8GX / Alcian Blue 8GX / Alcian Blue 8GX / Alcian Blue 8GX / Alcian Blue 8GX

English name: Alcian Blue 8GX; Alcian Blue; Ingrain Blue 1
Other names: Alislan Blue 8GX; Alislan 8GX; Alslan 8GX
CAS number: 75881-23-1
C56H68Cl4CuN16S4 = 1298.86
Level: High Purity Grade

Content: ≥50.0%
Em (610nm, water):> 26000
Properties: dark blue purple or dark green crystalline powder with metallic luster. The solubility in water at 20 ° C is 9.5%, and the solution becomes bright greenish blue. Slightly soluble in absolute ethanol, ethylene glycol ether, ethylene glycol, insoluble in xylene. Melting point: 148 ℃
Uses: biochemical research. Electrophoresis and biological staining are used to detect glycoproteins. Biological staining is used in Mowrys pH 2.5 method, Scotts pH 5.7 method, Kreybergs method to detect keratin and mucus preservation: RT

Collapsible Box With Side Way Folding

This kind of folding box is cheaper than other style and saves a lot of space during shipment. The material for it is durable and not easy to deform. It can be folded up after use and won't occupy much more space.

For companies that need a large number of Paper Packaging Box, folding boxes are the necessary option, which makes the lowest cost of freight, so that the budget to achieve the most perfect use, also to achieve practical value and  win the consumer favorite at the same time.

collapsible box with side way folding

Collapsible Box With Side Way Folding

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