Alibaba Group completes the acquisition of CNZZ "deep cultivation" e-commerce ecological business (VC304)

On May 4th, Alibaba Group announced that it has completed the acquisition of CNZZ, a traffic statistics technology provider, and has taken another step towards the integration of e-commerce services.
The news of Alibaba Group's acquisition of CNZZ has been around for a long time. Although the operator behind the CNZZ, Cai Wensheng, has repeatedly denied it before, it is an indisputable fact in the industry. Alibaba Group's public relations department did not comment too much on this matter, but said that the acquisition amount was not the rumored $ 15 million. At the same time, the public relations department of Alibaba Group emphasized that the acquisition is a group acquisition, not an acquisition of Alibaba's listed entity.
Information shows that CNZZ has 1.81 million registered users and 3.06 million statistical sites. Through the acquisition, Alibaba can further accumulate user data and protect the industry leading position of "entry + data". This acquisition can also be seen as another step of Alibaba Group's e-commerce service business. As early as 2008, Alibaba had already started to expand its e-commerce service business. First, it acquired forum platform PHP Wind, and then acquired domain name provider Wanwang for 540 million yuan in 2009.
Liang Chunxiao, vice president of Alibaba Group, said on Tencent Weibo that China's e-commerce will enter its fourth "five years." The first five years are the technology trends that began in 1995; the second five years are the corporate trends; the third five years are the industrial ecological trends; and the forth five years are the social trends.
Perhaps, it can be seen from this that Alibaba will continue to actively deploy its e-commerce service ecological business.
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