Different ways to care for your baby's eyes at different ages

Care for your baby's eyes needs to be age and stage. Newborns have not yet completed their retinal development, so their vision is extremely poor and they only feel light and dark. 0-3 years old is the fastest period of vision development, and then at a slow speed until the age of six or seven, the child's vision will develop completely. The critical period of baby's vision development requires extra care from the mother.
Within 1 year old: The baby's visual system with his or her sweet contact is less than 1 year old. At first, the baby can only distinguish between black and white images, and then gradually can distinguish the color, distance, and begin to develop hand-eye coordination. At this time their eye movements are still unstable. If the baby's occasional eye deflection is normal, the mother does not have to be too nervous. Parents should pay attention to: whether the baby's eyeball will move with the object in front of the eye for 4 months; whether the baby's eye position is not correct or the eyeball movement is uncoordinated in 6 months, if there is any problem, you should seek medical advice promptly.
Parents can do this:
Regular work, adequate sleep and balanced nutrition are prerequisites for the development of your baby's vision. Sweetness is the nature of your baby. However, when your baby starts to add complementary foods, you must drink less sugary juices, eat less sweets, maintain your body's pH balance, and eat more fruits and vegetables.
In the critical period of baby's vision development, scientific stimulation helps their visual development. When the baby is born, smile more at him or her, let the baby look at his parents' faces at close range.
1-2 years old: Training the hand-eye coordination baby will develop a mature visual discrimination ability, which can simply summarize the items. The hand, eye and body gradually coordinate so that the baby can pick up and throw things accurately. Children with poor eyesight or problems, when practicing walking, will not dare to step because they cannot accurately feel the three-dimensionality of things.

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