Bondel launches newest coextruded composite film line

Italy's Bundra recently launched its latest complete coextrusion compound film line and sheet production facility to the market.

The production line consists of five extruders for the production of multilayer barrier films for flexible packaging, in particular for the production of composite flexible packaging films containing nylon (PA) and ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), also suitable for the production of other composites. membrane. According to Bundra, the production line features a high quality extruded film with precise film thickness and reasonable layer thickness, with excellent optical properties (transparency) and mechanical strength, and a maximum yield of 550 kg/h. The film thickness ranges from 20 to 200 microns and the film width can reach 2000 millimeters.

Source: China Chemical News

 Honeycomb Blinds

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Honeycomb Blinds

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