Chain conveyor blowing machine

【 Patent name 】 Bottle blowing machine 【 Applicant 】 Zhou Guangyu 【 Inventor 】 Zhou Guangyu 【Main applicant address】 201312 3rd Village, Zhoudun Village, Sandun Township, Nanhui District, Shanghai, China 【Application No.】 200410053809.7
【 Application Date 】 2004.08.17
[Examination and announcement number] 1736688
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.02.22
[Main classification number] B29C49/38(2006.01)I
[Categorical Information] B29C49/38(2006.01)I B29C49/64(2006.01)I B29C49/42(2006.01)I
[Sovereign Items] 1. The bottle blowing machine for chain conveying of the present invention includes a hopper (21), a belt (24), a conveying chain (9), a motor (25), a feeding cylinder (7), and a rotating driving sprocket (10) , driven sprocket (13), rotating sprocket (13-1), heater (8), insulation cover (14), rotating chain (11), shift fork (6), reducer, frame (26) The structure of the open/closed-die cylinder (1) is characterized in that a sealed cylinder (22) is provided on the upper side of the cavity, on the lower die (27, 28), and a bottle bottom is provided on the top of the piston rod (23) of the sealed cylinder (22). The seal (23-1), the conveyor chain (9) meshes with the three sprockets (5) in a triangular arrangement, and the corresponding heater (8) and the heat-retaining cover (14) are in a U shape.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0608-1
【Abstracts】 The present invention discloses a bottle conveying blower, including a hopper, a belt, a conveyor chain, a motor, a feed cylinder, a rotating driving sprocket, a driven sprocket, a rotating sprocket, a heater, a heat-insulating cover, and a rotating chain. , Fork, reducer, frame, open and close the structure of the cylinder, the conveyor chain meshes with the three sprocket arranged in a triangle, plus the corresponding heater, heat insulation cover is Λ-shaped. After the injected billet is fed into the hopper, the fully automatic continuous blowing is achieved, which improves the working efficiency by 30%. At the same time, due to the constant heating temperature, the manual operation is overcome, the time is difficult to grasp, and the billet temperature cannot be controlled, and a chain is overcome. The stretching automatic blowing machine for conveying is relatively complex, the mechanism is relatively complex, the chain movement course is too long, the heating process is too long, the power consumption is too large, and the running cost increases. The quality of the bottle is reliably guaranteed.

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