BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeiting shrink film was successfully developed

Hainan Modern Enterprise Co., Ltd. independently researched and developed “BOPP laser holographic anti-pseudo-shrink film”. This kind of shrink film integrated multi-layer co-extruded BOPP film making process technology and wide-width laser holographic plate making and molding technology can achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting by making consumer-identifiable non-destructive anti-counterfeit labels on BOPP film. Its anti-counterfeit elements lie in the use of exclusive patented technology to make new breakthroughs in traditional BOPP raw materials, production equipment and processes. In particular, it has developed a BOPP substrate film suitable for wide-width molding; wide-width molding technology guarantees the molding of high-gloss transparent shrinkable tobacco film. Can be based on customer needs in the holographic image into the holographic encryption information or dark lines, coupled with a dedicated laser decoding equipment to identify, greatly enhance the product's anti-counterfeit efforts; to achieve holographic molded products, a combination of glossy and transparent appearance and high shrinkage characteristics; all The wastes, residues, and defectives produced during processing are all recycled and used in pelletizing, which not only avoids the inflow of waste products into the market, but also reduces the production cost of the products.

Because this technology has special requirements for BOPP shrink film substrates, the purchase and development of BOPP production equipment is expensive and eliminates the possibility and feasibility of counterfeiter fraud at the source. In use, heat sealing is provided on both surfaces of the BOPP security shrink film to wrap the entire package; the BOPP security film must be torn first when unpacking, and this also destroys the integrity of the original security film.

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