Zhangjiagang Deshun Machinery Launches Cost-effective Packaging Machine

Recently, Zhangjiagang City Deshun Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced to the market a cost-effective improved automatic film sealing and shrinking packaging machine - DS-A400-I.

The machine successfully integrated the latest cutting knife technology from Deshun and the new bottle-pushing device, resulting in a qualitative improvement in the stability, applicability, and energy consumption of the packaging machine, and the price is as much as 15% lower than the domestic similar products.

Zhangjiagang Deshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and production of food packaging machinery. The MAP series of modified atmosphere packaging machines produced by the company is one of the packaging machinery that currently has the advanced technology of domestic food preservation.

According to Shen Hanchun, Chairman of Zhangjiagang City Deshun Machinery Co., Ltd., Desun Corporation carried out a comprehensive analysis of the automatic film-sealing and heat-shrinking packaging machines of many brands at home and abroad, and absorbed numerous product advantages, combined with Desun originally on an air-conditioning packaging machine. With the experience and technology, successfully developed the improved DS-A400-I machine. DS-A400-I automatic film sealing and heat shrink packaging machine has the characteristics of strong stability, strong applicability, low energy consumption and favorable price, etc.:

First of all, Deshun Corporation has accumulated years of experience in the field of food packaging machinery development and production, has a long-term research on the technology of heat-sealing cutters, and has recently made new breakthroughs in the development of a new generation of heat-sealing cutters. What's gratifying is that after incorporating the cutter technology into the automatic shrink-wrapping packaging machine, the stability of the machine has been greatly improved compared to machines that do not use this technology. The new bottle-pushing device is the first in China. Even if the equipment is safe and reliable, the appearance of the equipment can be improved by a grade. At present, this technology is a leading domestic level and is applying for a patent.

Secondly, the improved packaging machine introduced this time is ingeniously designed to be able to perform tasks of different specifications and different types of beverage packaging with just fine-tuning, and has been indeed strengthened in terms of applicability.

Third, the model uses energy-saving systems tailored by Deshun technicians to reduce energy consumption by about 25% compared to the general model.

Fourth, the aircraft is a cost-effective model that DeShun has brought to the market, and its price will be about 15% cheaper than similar machines in the market.

At present, this machine has become an accessory product of the beverage production line of Xinmeixing Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd. Shen believes that with the years of experience, technology and sincere after-sales service of Desun, the improved automatic film sealing heat shrink packaging The machine will certainly be more favored by more manufacturers.

Source: China Food Industry Network

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