Corrugated carton transport packaging design

Corrugated cartons are widely used in electronic products, foods, fruits, industrial devices, and culture because of their light weight, high strength, easy processing and forming, easy storage and handling, easy recycling and recycling, excellent printability, and low cost. Supplies, such as sales packaging and transport packaging. Relevant information shows that: China's annual demand for corrugated paper is about 13 to 15 billion square meters. According to news from the China Packaging Technology Association, there are now about 1,000 companies with corrugated box production lines in China and about 1,200 production lines. According to professional predictions, with the economic development, China’s demand for corrugated paper will increase by 10% per year in the future.
Corrugated cartons as an important packaging container, its design includes functional design, structural design and decoration design. The functional design involves the convenience of use and the storage and transportation efficiency of cartons, including box type selection, product arrangement, moulding forms, sealing and opening; decoration design mainly design the appearance characteristics of cartons, transportation packaging signs, printability, etc.; and structural design Including factors related to the protection characteristics, such as selecting the box type, assembly and combination structure, sealing and connection forms, accessories, gaskets, etc. that are conducive to increasing the strength.
Optimized design Corrugated cartons play a decisive role in the protection of product safety and convenience of storage and transportation in the logistics process. They can be evaluated based on the integrated role of packaging in commodity circulation, market sales, etc. One of them is selected to include packaging material costs and transportation costs. The design scheme with the smallest total cost of packaging and storage costs is very important, ie optimizing the geometry and size of the single-piece packages, the arrangement of the single-packages in the packaging containers, and the geometry and dimensions of the outer packaging containers to meet The following packaging design requirements:
※ The packaging materials are the most provincial and the packaging cost is the lowest;
※ The utilization rate of trays is the largest, and the utilization rate of storage space is the largest;
※ The strength of the packaging container can protect the safe transportation of the product;
※ The packaging container satisfies the constraints of geometric shape and size.
The specific optimization design objective function is:
In the formula, F—the sum of the cost of the packaging carton and the transportation cost of each item; K1—the unit price of the corrugated box used (yuan/m2); S—the area of ​​the single corrugated cardboard box (m2); K2 ——The freight rate of the container used from the starting point to the end point (yuan/container); V1—The volume of the single corrugated carton (m3); V2—The container volume (m3); R—The space utilization rate of the corrugated carton in the container ;N—the number of items in a single carton. The independent variables of the objective function are determined by the contents and arrangement of the contents in the carton, the box type, and the container type of the carton in the container. These parameters can be obtained from the corrugated box parameter database and the container parameter database.
Constraints are constraints set up to arrive at a viable design. For example: market, circulation or ergonomic factors limit the size of the carton; carton plus cutting requirements and so on. From all reasonable cartons that meet the strength requirements found in the carton structural design module, find the value of the independent variable when the target letter meets the optimal value obtained under the constraint, and find the corrugated paper with the lowest carton costs and shipping costs. Box type and size.
Therefore, the design of corrugated carton transport and packaging system is a multi-objective function multivariable optimization problem. With the maximum utilization of storage space as the optimization objective function, the corrugated box strength is the constraint condition, the optimization of the corrugated box structure, the batching scheme and the loading mode can be comprehensive. Carton optimization design, better corrugated cartons on product safety protection, convenient storage and transportation functions.
Corrugated box structure CAD
With the increasing demand for corrugated boxes worldwide, serialization and standardization have become a trend that has prompted the accelerated introduction of CAD/CAM technology in the corrugated box industry and further modernization of corrugated box design and manufacturing. At present, developed countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Japan, and Canada have successively developed a batch of packaging CAD/CAM system software, which allows designers to easily complete the optimum design of corrugated boxes, ensuring the accuracy of corrugated box products, and excellent completion. Corrugated carton transport packaging system design key technology.
In the design of corrugated paper box transport and packaging system, the corrugated paper box structure CAD mainly includes the following aspects: calculating the compressive strength of the carton, checking the stacking strength of the carton, the circular design of the box structure of the carton, the output of the box billet and the cardboard ingredients program. In corrugated box structure CAD, there are two databases and one circular library, namely, the paperboard ingredients program database, the 楞-type database and the box-type database, which are respectively called by the corresponding function modules. The specific steps of corrugated paper box structural design are as follows:

No. Design Procedure Design Contents Considerations 1 Enter product information Product name, size, weight, inner package, etc. â–² Whether sensitive parts are vulnerable â–² Whether there are special packaging requirements 2 Carton structure Dimensional Design Determine the number of packaging elements, net weight, arrangement, Box Type, Type, Liner, etc. â–² Product Properties and Requirements â–² Box Inner Container Performance â–² Market Practices â–² Ergonomics Factor â–² Box Making Rate â–² Cartridge Structure Selection Rate, etc. Calculation of Carton Structure Technology Size, Manufacturing Size, Outer Size Structure Rationality Scheme Identification and Selection 3 Stacking Strength Required in Circulation Required Stacking Strength in Circulation Stacking Height, Bottom Box Load, Safety Stacking Strength â–² Strength Calculation Method Selection â–² Carton Material Selection â–² Face Paper/ Effect of paper pick-up adjustment on twistability â–² Reinforcement of carton strength by spacers â–² Supportability of contents â–² Safety factor selection Carton design bearing strength Corrugated cardboard specification, weight, strength and empty box compressive strength Safety identification and selection 4 output design results text decorate design text drawings carton box development diagram, box product arrangement diagram, box attachment diagram, Main facade composition (for printing)

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