Have you know more about vacuum packaging in 2017?

Automatic Chemical Products Vacuum Machine

Vacuum packaging is one vacuum way that needs to put products into the air tightness packaging container,extract its inner

air and make it to reach a certain vacuum degree in the sealed container.

   At present,vacuum packaging is mainly applied to food packaging such as meat,cereal processing food and some 
easily oxidized food,and it can also be used in some fluffy products packaging like mechanical parts,instruments and feather
or furry products etc.
 With the improvement of people's life level and requirement for the life quality,vacuum packaging has held an indispensible and
 important postion in modern people's life.It's a typical field of vertical extension in packaging technology and plays an irreplaceable

1.The overview of food vacuum packaging technology

 Vacuum packaging,in a word,its main fuanction is to remove the oxygen in order to prevent food spoilage.
The theory of vacuum packaging is very simple.The main reason of food spoilage is the activity of microorganism,however the survival 
of mircoorganism like mould and saccharomycetes ,and vacuum packaging just uses this principle to remove oxygen from the packaging
 bag and food cell which prevents food spoilage caused by oxidizing and reach the effect of food long-time storage and preservation.

2.Food vacuum packaging material

 The performance of food vacuum packaging material directly influence the changes of storage life and taste of food.So in vacuum 
packaging,choosing good packaging material is the key to the success of packaging. 
  The use of vacuum packaging material with most frequent is plastic film,of course,the bottled and canned are used.The 
plastic film used in food vacuum packaging,needs to ensure achieve the best state at the aspect of packaging effect,beauty and 
economy ect.of various food.At the same time,the food vacuum packaging has higher requirements on light resistance and stability of 
packaging material.Once one single material cannot meet theser rquirements,the package will be made up of different material.

3.Vacuum packaging machine

 Vacuum packaging machine is the important equipment for the products to do the soft plastic packaging.After removing the air 
from packaging bag,the vacuum packaging machine will seal the bag automatically.Thanks to the high vacuum degree inside of the bag with 
less air,it can inhibit the breeding of bacteria and other microorganisms. For some loose items,its volume is smaller by vacuum packaging which 
makes the vacuum packaging item moistureproof,mouldproof,pollution prevention,anti-oxidation,and save the volume and freight,extend its shelf 
time.Vacuum packaging machine or vacuum-gas flushing packaging machine is commonly classified into two type,cavity vacuum packaging machine 
and outside pumping vacuum packaging machine. The cavity vacuum packaging machine includes vacuum packaging machine and vacuum-gas flushing
 packaging machine.Outide pumping vacuum packaging machine has several function such as vacuum packaging and vauum-gas flushing packaging,so
 it is also called multifunctional modified atmosphere packaging machine.

If you know more about the vacuum technology,welcome to share with me,thanks.

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