Different forms of cosmetics have different classification and packaging

[China Packaging Network News] Whenever we walk into the mall, the first thing that comes into view is a wide variety of cosmetics. In order to expand the sales of their products, various cosmetics companies conduct various kinds of publicity, such as the cosmetics showcases and cosmetics packaging. Among them, the packaging of cosmetics is the most obvious. As a result, the market competition of cosmetics packaging design is becoming increasingly fierce.

Because of the nature of cosmetics itself, the difference in grades is very obvious, so the packaging form is also different from product to product. With the refinement of the functions and roles of cosmetics, the differences in the consumption objects, and the differences in grades, the cosmetics have been classified and packaged according to their own characteristics. In terms of its external form and the adaptability of packaging, cosmetic packaging is divided into liquid and lotion-like cosmetic packaging, solid granular (powdered) cosmetic packaging, solid cosmetic packaging, and creamy cosmetic packaging.

1, liquid, lotion-like cosmetics packaging.

In all cosmetics, the types and quantities of these cosmetics are the most, and the packaging forms are numerous. The main ones are:

Plastic bottles of various shapes and specifications generally have to be finely decorated and printed

Composite film bags in plastic bags, commonly used in the cosmetics economy bags or lower-grade cosmetics packaging

Glass bottles of various shapes and specifications, including wide mouth bottles and narrow mouth bottles, are generally used for packaging of high-grade cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile, easily penetrated, and contain organic solvents, such as nail polish, hair dye, perfume, toner, etc. package of.

The above types of packaging are equally applicable to the packaging of cream cosmetics. These types of packaging, sometimes also used in conjunction with the color printing paper box, and color printing paper box together constitute a sales package of cosmetics in order to improve the quality of cosmetics.

2, solid granular (powdered) cosmetics packaging.

Such cosmetics mainly include powdery products such as foundations and body powders. The commonly used packaging methods include cartons, composite cartons (mostly cylindrical ones), glass bottles (wide mouth, small ones), and metal. Boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles (wide mouth, small size), composite film bags, etc. Under normal circumstances, packaging containers must be beautifully decorated and printed. At the same time, when plastic and metal containers are used, they are often matched with beautifully printed cartons.

3, solid cosmetics packaging.

There are relatively few types of solid cosmetics, mainly eyebrow pencils, powder compacts, and various kinds of lipsticks. The packaging of such cosmetics is relatively simple.

4, cosmetics spray packaging.

Spray packaging has the advantages of being accurate, effective, simple, hygienic, and quantitatively used as required, and is often used in packaging of cosmetics that are high in quality and cosmetics that require orientation and quantitative access. Cosmetics such as mousse and hair spray are used in this form of packaging. The commonly used spray packaging containers include metal spray cans, glass spray cans, and plastic spray cans.

The names of cosmetics are numerous and their functions are different. The above is the classification of packaging in terms of its external appearance and the adaptability of packaging. According to editors at China Packaging Network, there are a wide variety of cosmetics, and different cosmetics have different requirements for packaging. Today, as cosmetic packaging becomes more and more mature, packaging refinement is undoubtedly another pursuit of packaging exquisiteness.

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