iwatch frequency tapping angle Swiss watch executives, wrist wrist really come?

According to foreign media sources, in order to meet iWatch, a wearable device to be launched in October this year, Apple recently hired Patrick Pruniaux, a former vice president of sales at TAGHeuer, to serve for seven years resignation. This news is confirmed by the French luxury goods group Tiger Wyatt Hennessy - Louis Vuitton (owned by TVMH), although the new position of Patrick Pruniaux has not yet been announced and there is no doubt that he Experience in the luxury goods industry may help iwatch sales.

Smart watch against traditional watches is not a novelty, and as early as before Google, MOTO accounted for the majority of the smart watch market in the United States, count as Apple also belongs to later. It is no coincidence that the digging angle was as early as last July. Paul Deneve, CEO of the famous French brand Saint Laurent Paris (former YSL), switched to Apple to serve as the vice president and report directly to CEO Tim Cook. In October of the same year, Angela Ahrendts, a British luxury brand Burberry woman, suddenly announced that she would step down in April this year and move to Apple Computer as senior vice president of retail and online store.

I still remember Apple had to do with the traditional watch Swatch cooperation was rejected, the current situation is windy said Swatch Group is also preparing to develop smart watches. However, Swatch Group chairman and a number of Swiss watch industry's biggest names are flatly denied that the upcoming Apple Smart Watch will have a substantial impact on the Swiss high-end watch industry. Owen Bernstein senior luxury goods analyst believes that Apple's iWatch will threaten the entry-level Swiss watch, but for high-end watch brand is an opportunity to attract more young consumers to watch Market, and then choose the high-end products in the future.

Wan Table World Xiaobian believes that the emergence of any new things inevitably impact on the old things. Industry analysts also pointed out that Apple's smart watches will have an impact on sales of mid-range Swiss watches priced under $ 1,000. Jean-Claude Biver, LVMH's newly appointed head of watch division, chairman of Hublot and watch industry veteran Jean-Claude Biver, bluntly: the threat of smart watches to the Swiss watch industry can not be underestimated. He said: "Like all other Apple products, future iWatch will also become a symbol of people's identities, especially when they are launched, and the effect is even more pronounced." We must not stand idly by.

For the traditional watchmaking group, the smart watch revolution will certainly cause some consumers to drain. Wearable devices may present the impact of the high-end luxury watch market is not large, but million watch world Xiaobian believe that once the smart watch is accepted and recognized by the people, for the traditional watch industry will be a huge threat. Have to say that the global watch industry is undergoing a revival, this situation can not help but remind the iPhone before listing the status of the mobile phone industry. Fossil and Movado Group's shares have more than doubled since the end of 2009, driven by strong demand for fashion watches due to changes in people's mindsets.

"Apple has the power to combine fashion elements with functionality," said market research firm NPDGroup analyst Marshal Cohen, who may be able to quadruple the size of the watch industry in just a year or two. With its strong brand appeal, Apple can encourage people who already own cell phones to buy watches. "Bill Geiser, CEO of Meta Watch, said" the watch industry has never been more healthy than it is now, The advent of smart fashion products created the conditions. "

iwatch will not have a substantial impact on the Swiss high-end watch industry? Believe that those in the industry is also very aware of the hearts of masters, the current technological innovation in the watchmaking sector and to some extent, because of the feeling that the smart watch may bring crisis. However, no one's assertions and foresight are counted, we can only wait for delivery time, waiting for it to give us an answer. It is noteworthy that although the watch manufacturing industry for the impact of Apple Smart Watch will have different opinions, but Apple's this product will certainly change people's understanding of the time segment to some extent.

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