Scientists draw the most accurate 3D map of the Mariana Trench to date

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, scientists of an ocean surveying expedition team used echo sounders to discover four seabed "bridges" during 3D scanning of the seabed near Guam in the Western Pacific Ocean. These are about 2.414 million meters long and about 109,000 in depth The "sea bridge" on the ocean floor is located in the deepest place on earth to date-the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

Researchers use the most advanced shipborne multi-beam echo sounder to draw a 3D map of the world's deepest point

The researchers scanned an image of a 400,000-square-kilometer trench, and the arrow indicates part of the "sea bridge" found

The researchers scanned an image of a 400,000-square-kilometer trench. The arrow indicates that the part of the seabed "bridge" was found. According to reports, when the plates are squeezed against each other, one plate is pulled down by the other. The submarine mountains will form these seabed "bridges" across the trench. The scientists also used a multi-beam echo sounder to conduct a 3D scan of the "Challenger Deep", the deepest part of the earth. The instrument is installed on the bottom of the ship, and the fan-shaped acoustic energy they generate covers the seabed. Degree is more accurate than other early measurement systems.

It is reported that the researchers used the shipborne 3D technology scanner to map the topography of the entire Mariana Trench between August and October 2010, and discovered the four seabed "bridges" across the trench during this period. These "bridges" are 2500 meters higher than the seabed below them. Researcher Gardner said with excitement: Previously, scientists had speculated that there might be such a ridge across the Mariana Trench in this area, and the seabed 3D scanning mapping task also confirmed that there are indeed four seabeds here. "bridge". Gardner said that these ridges were formed by the collision between the 180-year-old Pacific Ocean and the very young Philippine plate. As the oceanic crust cools down with age, the Pacific Crust is longer, so it is gradually slowing down Sink slowly under the young Filipino plate. When the peaks of the Pacific plate subduct below the Philippine plate, they will closely abut the trench walls, forming these ridges. Gardner speculates that these seabed "bridges" may be related to seismic subduction areas, just like the "bridges" formed by the May 2011 earthquake in Japan. This is an incredibly complex geological phenomenon. These sea peaks and plates Crowded between.

It is understood that this submarine mapping team has released the most accurate "Challenger Abyss" measurement results and 3D images to date, that is, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench can reach 10994 meters. Researchers have calculated how thousands of deep-sea sound waves and 3D images understand how seawater changes the echo sounding signal. Gardner found that the depth of the "Challenger Abyss" exceeded the height of Mount Everest. He said: "When measuring a deep sea structure up to 11 kilometers deep, some uncertainties will inevitably occur in the system."

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