Content, style, and style of CD packaging design

[China Packaging Network] The CD-ROM is an electronic publication that is used by broadcasters to read and use mass media and is widely used by enterprises. With the enhancement of the role of the optical disc, people not only pay attention to the function of the optical disc but also put forward requirements for the packaging of the optical disc. Therefore, we can see a variety of disc packaging in the market. So, how can we carry out the packaging design of the CD?

The packaging design of the optical disc mainly depends on the content and style of the disc packaging design and the packaging mode of the optical disc.

First, the contents of the disc packaging design

Design of printed content on the surface of the disc. The surface of the optical disc is divided into offset printing and screen printing. The number of printing colors depends on the actual needs and the printing process of the optical disc reproducing unit.

Plastic box face seal, bottom seal design. This is similar to the cover art design of a paper book, and the design requirement is higher than the design of the printed content on the surface of the optical disc.

Manual design. The manual is generally a booklet inserted into the box to describe the method of installation, use, and requirements for computer configuration. The design of the color covers, illustrations, and text layouts of the manual is similar to the design of small books.

Paper bag design. Paper bags with color paper jams, with a plug-in flip.

Outer box design. The boxes are available in a variety of formats, the most common of which are thick paperboard cartons, and the printing of coated paper on the outside of a common white fine corrugated box. The latter is more economical and flexible.

Second, the style of CD packaging design

Packaging design must not only have good artistic creativity, but also take into account the CD cover style. The name of the electronic publication, the name of the publishing unit, the date of publication, the name of the copyright holder, the name of the producer, and the Chinese standard book number (or Chinese serial serial number) must be printed on the surface of the disc, the cover of the plastic box, and the outer box. Plastic box back cover and outer box must also be printed with a bar code. Need to beautify the above information.

Third, the disc packaging

The packaging of optical discs is divided into hardcover and paperback.

hardcover. This is packed in cartons. Except for a small number of varieties, textile boxes are used to make paper boxes. The hardcover form of most CD-ROMs is an ordinary paper box.

Simple installation. There are two specific forms:

Plastic box packaging. This is a case where the plastic box carrying the optical disc is sealed with a plastic film and used as an outer package.

Paper bag packaging. This is a product that is placed directly in a paper bag and is commonly used for bundling with hardware. E-publications accompanied by printed books and magazines are also sold in paper bags. Paper bags with CD-ROMs are generally affixed to the seal of the books or clipped to the middle of the books.

The above is an analysis and explanation of the contents, styles, and methods of the CD packaging design. If you want to design the packaging of a CD, you may wish to create an exquisite CD packaging from the above perspectives.

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