The five stages of the green packaging trend are methods

[Chinese Packaging Network News] There are a wide variety of products and their packaging design forms are diversified. In order to pursue the novelty and uniqueness of product packaging, the requirements of green packaging are put forward for packaging design. Green packaging design is the current requirement for sustainable development. It combines the new situation of packaging with the concept of environmental protection and is well received by the market.

How can we produce beautiful green packaging? In addition to the design, the green packaging design also needs to reflect the concept of environmental protection, which needs to be designed, produced, transported, consumed, and recycled.

1, the design phase of green packaging

The design phase is an important stage of green packaging and it concerns the degree to which the product is welcomed by the market. At the design stage, it is required to fully grasp the market survey and material information, and put forward a green packaging design proposal, which mainly includes: conception and determination of design parameters, such as the volume and measurement value of packaged goods, reserve capacity or allowable deviation parameters, and the selected packaging materials. Non-toxic, harmless, recyclable and recyclable, biodegradable, high-performance synthetic materials and native natural materials must be considered in consideration of relevant environmental factors; design performance, including the shape, structure of the modeling style, graphics, text, color, etc. To meet the aesthetic needs of green products, strict visual pollution.

The entire design stage is to strengthen the entry of green packaging design from the aspects of material selection and production follow-up procedures.

2, the production stage of green packaging design

The production phase should fully consider how to improve the manufacturing process. Current research results show that the environmental load within each measurement unit is directly proportional to the processing time, and the successful design strategy is how to shorten the processing time.

3, the transport phase of green packaging

Improvements in the design of transport packaging, that is, to consider the attributes, characteristics, uses, and modes of transport of different commodities in light of the potential hazards of the goods during transport, to reduce the loss of energy, and to consider how to reduce the load on the environment of product packaging.

4, the consumption phase of green packaging

This phase of consumption mainly considers how users can save energy, reduce pollution, facilitate maintenance and prolong the useful life of related packaging products.

5, the green packaging recycling stage

The recycling phase of the green packaging design mainly includes two aspects: First, it is necessary to consider how the packaging products are conveniently recycled in the design process, and through the design of the structure and materials, the disassembly and classification after use are preset. The second is to consider how easily the packaging material can be recycled, because it is difficult to extract the pure material from the mixture, and the mixing of some materials cannot be separated. Therefore, the green rational allocation of materials must be considered in the design.

Green packaging design is not only an art discipline, but more importantly an engineering discipline. The green packaging design should determine the target from the various stages of the packaging product cycle, and consider the whole system from the perspective of the system cycle cycle. In the design leading stage, relevant environmental protection measures at the production, transportation, and recycling stages must be considered in parallel. For more information, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to China Packaging Network!

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