The traditional Dragon Boat dumplings gift colorful packaging form breakthrough

[Chinese Packaging Network News] As one of China's traditional folk foods, Chinese wolfberry fruit is an essential food for the Dragon Boat Festival. Due to the festive colors of the food, the cultural design of the package is relatively strong. The Dragon Boat Festival, as a legal holiday in China, has added a gift-oriented trend to the packaging of the dumplings, causing a huge competition in packaging design. In the packaging of the pattern, the color of the package, the most obvious is the continuous innovation breakthrough in the form of dumplings. The following packaging markets are presented.

1, dumplings paper bag packaging.

Paper bag packaging is the minimum form of carbon. It actually appeared as early as the 1970s and continues to this day.

2, dumplings plastic packaging.

The initial use of plastic bags began in the early 1980s and gradually developed into the mainstream material for today's food packaging containers. Today, these types of packaging are still preserved, and it can be said that there is the longest form of packaging.

3, tin box packaging form.

Like moon cakes, tin boxes also exist in dumplings. Because of the practicability of the iron box, it has attracted people's attention. However, today's consumers have no previous passion for the tin packaging.

4, dumplings carton packaging form.

The carton is a very important sales package, which mainly plays a role in beautifying goods, promoting sales, increasing value-added goods, and facilitating portability. At the same time, it also functions as a protection product. Cartons are usually whiteboard, cardboard, and teaboard paper, and are directly printed and decorated to form a box.

5, the dumplings luxury gift box packaging.

The dumplings are packaged in gift boxes, which can increase the valuable quality and sales force of the goods. Coupled with successful decorating design to enhance its visual impact, it is even more a good packaging option. Among them, the folding carton is more typical, and the sub-grid design in the structure can be flexibly adjusted according to the quantity and shape of the contents. However, over-luxury gift boxes need to be improved and designed properly. The waste of resources, environmental pollution, and corruption are three major consequences of luxury packaging.

The above is a few common forms of dumplings packaging, and it also represents the development trend of dumplings packaging. Today, for the form of dumplings, people focus on the choice of packaging materials and containers, the structural design of packaging containers, and the design of packaging containers. In the face of this new understanding, Xunzi's packaging form has the following characteristics:

1) The scope of application of carton-type packaging structures has increased, and the design of cartons has tended to be diversified. The use of luxury gift boxes is limited.

2) The packaging containers are diversified to meet different levels of consumption.

3) Serialization of packaging design, packaging is increasingly adapted to the needs of individual development.

4) The packaging structure with traditional Chinese characteristics has attracted attention.

The form of dice packaging design is constantly innovating, practicality and environmental protection are the key directions of future dice packaging form.

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