Creative packaging design art is simpler and more durable

[Chinese Packaging Network News] With the continuous development of the packaging industry, the products on the market are now packaged, not only books to be packed, jewelry to be packaged, cosmetics to be packaged, and even food needs to be packaged. The continuous development of the industry means that the competition is fierce, so how to make your company stand out from the crowd? Creativity is the best way.

Now on the market can see a lot of different packaging, cute triangular shoe boxes, shampoo-like beverage packaging. This is all about the packaging of the product. In fact, with the continuous development of online shopping, many stores have begun to pay attention to their own baby's packaging, hoping to allow customers to receive the package when the eyes lit up. For example, a small and fun box with laces will make parents even more exclaimed.

When online shopping and packaging waste has become a headache for online shoppers, creative packaging design has become an art. At this time, the packaging of the second value can be achieved with the mind of the consumer. It can also serve as the role of "silent consumer".

In an interview with MarianneRosnerKlimchuk, a professor and deputy chairperson of the Department of Packaging Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she said consumers like functional packaging because it adds value.

"When you think about design and utility, it's important to think about it from a competitive perspective," she said. Krimsk shares the case of Boxerchips, a potato chip company based in Dublin, Ireland, that introduced a creative package that turns into a bowl. If you want to make a choice between two similar chips, why not pick one that will make a difference?

Now that online shopping has become an important work and lifestyle for people, this forum will undoubtedly become a powerful booster for the development of the packaging industry. At this time, the durability of the packaging has become the focus of everyone's consideration. Whether you send a product to a customer or ship a pallet product to a retailer, packaging design will not bring any benefit to anyone if durability is not considered.

This means that the product in the package must not only withstand shaking. Experts at the UPS Packaging Design and Testing Laboratory know what a package will look like in the delivery process. If the box cannot withstand a series of tests including squeezing, shocks and impacts, the goods may be at risk.

"The design is primarily designed to provide customers with an excellent out-of-box experience." TheDieline reported that the KindleDX ranked third in the 2010 Dieline Packaging Design Award. "Additional design criteria also include simplification of packaging as much as possible to reduce costs, focus on the use of environmentally friendly materials, and meet Amazon's requirements for efficiency and durability."

No matter how the world changes, the basic protection function of packaging is a powerful guarantee for the continuous development of the packaging industry. However, with the continuous diversification of market demands, creative packaging has become the blue ocean of development. If a package can be simplified, durable and elegant, it will surely create a beautiful future for itself.

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