Packaging design attracts eyeballs to increase purchasing desire is the key

[China Packaging Reuters (Author: kai) in accordance with the summary Sasada history of benevolence, packaging design planned trimming, extend the product is the lifeline of the most well-established practice. With a black suit and a discreet and modest look, Putian Shiren's first impression is more like a traditional Japanese businessman, and is far from his identity as a packaging designer. As everyone knows, he is a "first brother" in Japan's packaging design industry because of his unadorned appearance and his standard American English.

Shi Ren, who was born in 1952, graduated from the Design Department of the School of the Arts of the University of California, Los Angeles, and has been working in packaging design. In the 90s of last century, he returned to Japan and founded Bravis International Creative Design Co., Ltd., and he has made great achievements in the Japanese packaging design industry. He designed the Kirin afternoon black tea, NEC computer, and Keguomei vegetable juice packaging, and won various prizes such as JPC Competition Minister of Economy Award, BDA Golden Award, Japan Packaging Design Award and many other packaging design awards. In 2002, Kirin's iced ice cream packaging was introduced to Putin Shiren to include the PDA Gold Mermaid Award and the Special Prize for Japanese Packaging Design. With this unique "Icy Feeling" packaging, iced drinks have also swept the Asian market. Putian's design business was pushed to its peak. Now, Shibuya Shinoda has also extended his tentacles outside Japan. Chinese consumers familiar with the magic kitchen soup, oranges, Nestlé coffee Excella packaging are all from the design team led by him.

"The packaging design looks very easy and it is difficult to do it. You must be extremely efficient in allowing customers to understand the history and culture behind the manufacturer, the brand, and both. But customers often do not have the patience. Listen to you talking about so much.” Putian Shi Ren reported and told his many years of packaging design experience. In the design category, the position of packaging design is relatively special. In essence, it is closer to industrial design. Designers need to consider various details such as the material and shape of the packaging. However, its communication method is exactly the same as that of the hot commercial advertising design. "There is only one way to win the packaging design and it must attract eyeballs. And it is in 0.2 seconds to separate and compete with similar products to catch people's attention." Facing the consumers' critical eyes while facing the competitors Close combat, small packaging design carries too much content, leaving the packaging designer's creative space is limited, may be due to this special design, the achievements of the prudent merchant character Putian Shi Ren temperament.

After the design battle, we will look at the shelves full of goods and check them carefully. The feet are just like being stuck on the floor. They haven't seen the move for a long time. It's unbearable for ordinary people to go shopping with the supermarket. Because he is "dragging" more than most women. However, it was through this "field investigation" of this type that Putian Shi Ren found important commercial laws from the past, and the statistical data that the survey company later did exactly coincided with his observations.

In fact, the vast majority of customers buy what brand of goods, to be really decided after the store. The shelves of a supermarket store will always be filled with the same type of goods. Their quality, cost-effectiveness, and brand awareness will be minimally differentiated. The first shot of competition is set to start visually. To stir up the customer's curiosity and attract them to pick up the goods to inquire, the whole process will not exceed 20 seconds. "In such a short period of time, to open their hearts and encourage their desire for consumption, packaging design is the only key." A long time ago, Putian Shiren clearly realized that in the era of oversupply of goods, packaging is the product of lifeline. In fact, the design of Kirin's ice knot was born on the basis of this concept. As we enter the 21st century, Japan's low-alcoholic, fruity beverages are popular. Drink giant unicorn decided to comply with this trend, please Putian Shi Ren fencing its new product appearance. At that time, similar products such as Suntory and Baojiu gradually flourished in the market. Putian Shi Ren conducted a survey of the market and found that the product to be developed by Qilin was compared with the first two brands. The difference was that after it was frozen, the taste of the product could still maintain the sweetness of the juice. "That is to say, after the ice is frozen, the taste advantage is more prominent. Therefore, the first step, we must highlight its icy, make a fuss about the word "ice"." To create people Can quickly think of the "ice" of the packaging, Putian Shi Ren and his team did a lot of programs, using silver as a background, has become their unanimous choice. However, the use of color to attract the eye, in his view the impact is still slightly insufficient. "It's best to use aluminum cans of light texture to create textured bumps on the top. The reflections and refractions of light will bring the illusion of ice cubes." Of course, this requires a little manufacturing support, and there is no ready-made on the market. Examples are for reference. Fortunately, a packaging manufacturing company introduced diamond cutting technology to create a cross-grain pattern on the aluminum can. Let Putian Shiren care about the use of aluminum cans made of this technology, as the pressure after opening can be reduced, the appearance of the aluminum cans will emit a unique metal sound, while flashing silvery diamond cutting lines are gradually clear . In his opinion, the whole process is like a beautiful symphony with a clear rhythm.

However, the ice pack design has not yet been finalized. When choosing colors, customers are hesitant about both blue and green options. Putian Shi Ren believes that highlighting the fruitiness can make the product more competitive. He therefore recommended blue. "What we didn't do was beer. It was a brand new product. Its target customers included a group of young people in their early 20s who didn't catch cold on alcoholic beverages." In the end, his risk and persistence finally paid off. . In 2002, in the Japanese market, Icy reached a 40% market share in the low-alcohol beverage market. Later in the packaging design, Putian Shi Ren focused more on highlighting the fruity characteristics of the ice, "cutting the fruit," creating a feeling that the fruit is fresh enough to make the juice splash, attracting a lot of alcoholic beverages. Psychic female customers.

Fine-tuning and Inspiring Purchase As an “old style” that has been used for many years in the packaging design industry, the secret of Putian Shi Ren’s success is of course not limited to being able to quickly occupy the eyes of others. "I'm not trying to express my love for fruit to change the design of ice, but to keep consumers fresh." Although, most consumers are not concerned with fine-tuning details on packaging, When Putian Shiren follows the chronology and ranks these fine-tuned packages one by one, you will suddenly realize that packaging designers must be willing to spend time and effort on details. Take the ice cream that is popular in the market for lemon taste. From birth to the present, the position and shape of the lemon, the color distribution on the aluminum can, and the font size have been constantly changing.

Of course, in terms of time and latitude, this is not the most typical example of Putian's design career. The Meiji Bulgarian yoghurt, which has been selling for 20 years in the Japanese market, is the longest serving product of Shida Shiren. In 1990, when Meiji Co. found Putian Shiren, this star product, born in the early 1970s, was facing the dilemma of the rapid loss of young customers. "Every time is the same, everyone wants to pursue something new. The things that parents love, young people usually draw a clear line in their minds. But changes in product packaging will make young people pay attention to this classic product again." Yogurt designed a new packaging. Putian Shiren used the blues and whites with a symbolic health and fresh taste as the main colors, and used a touch of red to emphasize the amount of promotional items. The bright colors and the eye-catching discounted logo have quickly made Yogurt a mainstream product in the market.

After this, every few years, Putian Shi Ren will fine-tune Yogurt's packaging design. He found that adding some blue dotted lines can make Yogurt look more fresh and reminiscent of the white and soft texture of dairy products. Later, they also noticed that turning the blue lines into slashes made it easier for consumers to focus their attention on the center of the package, that is, the area where the brand and name logo were printed. A few years later, they replaced the slashes with curves, because the visual concentric force generated by the blue lines gradually concentrated in the center exceeded the previous slash design. Two years later, they narrowed the product name and bolded the brand's font. After another two years, the brand's English characters changed from blue to bright red, highlighting the brand's international range. Four years later, when the minimalist style engulfed the entire design community, Shinichi Sakata decisively reduced the number of curves.

"Rebirth and change of face may give customers noticeable changes in the product, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Consumers' perceptions and feelings about it will change, and the original input and cultivation may be gone." In the past, Putian Shi Ren saw a lot of lessons. Some products suddenly dropped due to abrupt changes in their packaging. According to his summary, the planned fine-tuning of packaging design is the most effective way to extend the product lifeline. Although there is a contradiction between the use of packaging design to create visual impact as much as possible and the "conservative" fine-tuning design, the ability to use the right and wrong sides of the double-edged sword is appropriate to make Putian Shiren a packaging design. The reason for the evergreens in the world.

The editor of China Packaging Network believes that colorful and colorful packaging will first attract consumers' attention, and the fresh ideas of the second product will give people the desire to seek knowledge. Ultimately, the quality of health affects the desire to purchase directly. Only by understanding the hearts of consumers can we improve packaging. ,increase sales.

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