How about kitchen appliances near suction range hood

Near-suction range hood, as the name implies, is that the smoking port is on the side of the dryer, not directly above it. It is also known as the side-suction range hood.

The advantages and disadvantages here are mainly relative to the top suction range hood.


Fume separation

The patented product in the near-suction range hood, the fume separation plate, completely solves the problem of difficult to remove the fume of the top cooking fierce cooking. The fume separator is used to effectively separate the fume hood, increasing the life of the fan and more effective To achieve the effect of fume extraction.

Will not meet

Users who use Chinese-style hoods and t-type machines must have such a problem, that is, when cooking, the head often encounters the hood, otherwise they must lean back a lot, very uncomfortable. The near-suction range hood does not have such a defect. The hood is 20cm-40cm away from the outer edge of the tabletop, so that there is no sense of depression. It can be said that the near-suction range hood completely solves the problem of the previous range hood meeting.

Better results

The near-suction range hood has side air intake and the air inlet is greatly reduced. Only the fume is smoked, not the flames. The near-suction range hood with a fume separation plate can not only absorb the fume, but also the harmful gases in the gas Being sucked away, especially the fume separation filter plate of the near-suction range hood, can be described as a feat of the range hood reform. Its fume extraction rate can reach more than 99%, and the fume purification rate reaches 90%. In the kitchen, even fried chili can't smell stale, especially suitable for open kitchen. The near-suction range hood with a fume separation plate has become a range hood that truly meets the cooking habits of Chinese families due to its high standard fume removal rate and fume purification rate.


The shortcomings can only be said that the development of near-suction smoke machines is not yet mature.

The near-suction range hood has few styles, and the inner cavity of the smoke collection often cannot be integrated, which is cumbersome and loud when cleaning. It takes only a few years for the style to develop, and the technology is not strong enough. Cleaning is more troublesome, which means that it should be cleaned frequently, rather than difficult to clean, because the near smoking machine is very close to the stove. The noise is large, I think it is the weak technical force, and the big international brands have not injected it.

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