[Washing door wardrobe maintenance] What are the maintenance techniques for wardrobe sliding door?

[Chinese wardrobe net] [difficulty] wardrobe sliding door is the indispensable furniture of the home bedroom, especially the quality of the wardrobe door completely affects the overall effect of the home, many sliding door products after a period of use, consumers will give maintenance To extend the life of its wardrobe, then, what are the maintenance techniques for wardrobe sliding doors?

[Question] What are the maintenance techniques for wardrobe sliding doors?

Wardrobe sliding door maintenance

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Cleaning of the wardrobe sliding door:

1. Regularly clean the surface of the sliding door with a soft cloth dampened with water or a neutral detergent. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, or use a strong acid-base cleaner such as decontamination powder or toilet cleaner.

2, sandpaper, wire brush or other abrasives are not allowed for scouring. After cleaning, wash with clean water, especially in places with cracks and dirt. Also use a soft cloth dampened with alcohol to scrub.

3. If the main material of the sliding door is made of sheet material, the moisture of the wet cloth used in cleaning should not be too much, as long as it is moisturized.

4. Regularly clean the sliding rail slots to keep the sliding door open and close smoothly.

Wardrobe sliding door maintenance:

1. Maintenance of the pulley. The pulley is the soul of the entire inner door, and its size is small and plays a significant role. One or two drops of lubricant every six months or so can keep it smooth. The pulleys of the sliding door are divided into upper and lower wheels. The brand sliding doors on the market are as follows: “Fulu” and “Golden” move the upper and lower wheels of the sliding door with sliding needle bearings, no need to add lubricating oil, just pay attention to cleaning debris. If it is a general brand or a brand name and the pulley is a general bearing or rubber wheel, it is necessary to add lubricant to the sliding part every six months.

2. Protection of the track. Keep the track clean and prevent foreign matter from entering. If there are debris and dust, use a brush to clean it. The dust in the tank and the door can be sucked out by a vacuum cleaner.

3. Protection of sliding doors. Prevent gravity from hitting the door. It is forbidden to damage the sliding door and track by sharps or gravity, causing obstacles. If the door or frame is damaged, please contact the manufacturer or ask a professional maintenance worker to repair it.

4. Maintain good operating performance of the sliding door. The sliding door seems simple, but the structure and accessories are still more. The protection of the track and other aspects is very important. The sealing top and the glass seal are the key structures to ensure the sealing, heat preservation and sound insulation of the sliding door. If it falls off, it should be repaired in time. , replacement, in order to achieve the best effect of dust, anti-collision, sound insulation, insulation.

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