Noble and generous Amateite black oak five-door wardrobe evaluation

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Modern style furniture is practical and generous, the shape design is in line with the public aesthetic, and it is easy to match, so as to become the most favored style after 70 and 80. The product evaluated today is a black oak five-door wardrobe from the AMET brand.

Evaluation brand: Amet Furniture

Evaluation products: AMET's black oak five-door wardrobe

Product specifications: 2000*600*2300mm

Product material: wood-based panel, hardware

Ametite furniture

1, stylish appearance

Black oak five-door wardrobe

Black oak is a precious wood. The texture is noble and generous, and the decoration is good. However, the price of oak is high, so there are not many pure oak furniture on the market, but there are many panel furniture with oak texture. The black oak panel furniture looks stylish and has good temperament, which is a good quality choice in modern homes.

2, Jilin Sengong Lushui River particle board

Modern furniture

Among the domestic plates, the Jilin Sengong Lushui River particle board is the most famous, and the plate furniture is also commonly used as its raw material. Ametite furniture is made of Jilin Sengong Lushui River particleboard. The finish is from the German Chart finish and the edge band is the German Ruihao brand. It can be seen that the surface texture of the wardrobe surface is generous and stylish, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong.

3, adjustable partitions and reserved holes

Ametite furniture

The partitions in the panel furniture are generally adjustable, as is the wardrobe of the AMET. In the stacked clothing area in the closet, each partition has a reserved hole above and below to facilitate the position adjustment of the partition, and these holes are closed with a small white cover, so that the exposed sheet can be prevented from volatilizing formaldehyde. Brand design is very user-friendly.

4, powerful storage space

Black oak five-door wardrobe

Open the door panel of the wardrobe, you can see that the interior space of the Amet wardrobe is still very large, the quilt area, the stacked clothing area, and the long and short clothing area, the storage space can be described as powerful. However, Xiao Bian feels that if there are several drawers and tie boxes designed, it is even better, and it can make its storage more detailed.

Evaluation summary: Amet's black oak wardrobe shape design adheres to the essence of modern minimalist style, the line pursues simple and smooth, simplifying the visual space, giving a neat and simple feeling; furniture using Jilin Sengong Lushui River particle board as material, Germany Xia Ting, Germany's Swiss good edge banding, the production of professional and beautiful results. The black oak finish is elegant and generous, with clear texture, strong three-dimensional effect and good decorative effect.

The wardrobe hinges use the Häfele brand. In addition, the Ametite furniture also cooperates with the German Hettich hardware brand. It can be said that in terms of hardware accessories, the furniture is also more reliable.

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