Primary school teacher training "How to cultivate good writing for first grade students" PPT courseware

The elementary school teacher training "How to train first-year students to write well" PPT proverb says that a good start is half the battle. For most children who have just entered school, writing is basically blank. If the foundation is not well laid at this stage, then "typos" and "mistypes" will accompany the child's life. Although it is the computer age today, it is still necessary to write characters that are standard, correct, and beautiful. This is not only the need for communication, but also the need to improve personal cultural accomplishment and national quality. Mr. Guo Moruo had such an exposition on writing good characters for elementary and middle school students: "Training elementary and middle school students to write good characters does not necessarily mean that everyone will become a calligrapher. It is necessary to write the characters in accordance with the norms. Habits are good, can make people attentive, easy to concentrate their will, and good at being considerate. "Therefore, writing is a very important teaching task in elementary school, especially in the lower grades. In order to allow first-year students to write good characters, in the long-term teaching, I continue to think and practice, and finally have the following knowledge and practice:

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