The characteristics and uses of three comprehensive test chambers

The characteristics of the three comprehensive test box: 1. The temperature, humidity, and vibration composite environmental testing machine can apply multiple environmental stresses such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and impact to the product to examine the reliability of the product under the comprehensive stress. 2. It is composed of constant temperature and humidity box and V series electromagnetic vibration test. 3. The vibration controller, sensor and power amplifier are imported from the United States. 4. Can be used for sinusoidal vibration (standard equipment), random vibration (optional) and shock (optional) control. 5. Can be designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of low air pressure. The use of the three-combination test chamber: The three-combination test chamber mainly provides temperature and humidity change environment for scientific research and production units such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, communication, etc. At the same time, the electric vibration stress can be applied in the test chamber at a prescribed period On the test product, the user can conduct a comprehensive stress screening test of temperature, humidity and vibration on the whole machine (or component), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc., so as to assess the suitability of the test product or evaluate the behavior of the test product. Compared with the effect of a single factor, it can more truly reflect the adaptability of electrical and electronic products to the changes of temperature, humidity and vibration in the environment of transportation and actual use, and expose the defects of products. It is a new product development, prototype test, product qualification certification An important test method essential for the whole process of the test.

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