Watching these interesting papers, have you gotten excited?

Everyone has seen paper, but have you seen these fashionable products that are at the forefront of fashion and technology? In fact, paper can also be so tide!

Strongly watching the first wave: Harry Potter-style magic newspaper

There is a kind of "magic newspaper" in the series "Harry Potter". The images and texts in the "newspaper" can act like the content displayed on the computer screen. Before long, Harry Potter's "Magic Newspaper" may appear in front of you. This is a flexible screen that can be bent and folded like paper. This year, the prototype of "Magic Newspaper" will appear on mobile phones in advance.

In 2010, HP demonstrated this magical flexible screen in San Francisco. The flexible screen displayed at that time was similar in size to ordinary newspapers, but it had better flexibility than newspapers. What surprised you most was that the expanded display did not lose the current tablet PC, and it could also use solar power to let people I saw the fantasy scene of "Magic Newspaper" in reality. 【detailed】

Strongly watching the second wave: Video on demand on video!

At 9 a.m., Uncle Chen, who lives in Yuetan, Xicheng District, came back early, turned on the computer to access the Internet, and entered the daily TV drama time. Unlike most broadband users, he directly picked up a TV program magazine and a remote control on the sofa to tinker.

"I finished the 10th episode yesterday, and I should read the next episode today." He murmured, turning the magazine to the page number of the TV series "Latent". Holding the pictorial in the left hand and the remote control in the right hand, align the small hole at the bottom with the font of "Episode 11" on the page, and the text prompt "Whether to watch" Episode 11 "now appears on the screen immediately appears on.

Users can remotely control the network video by using the TV program menu composed of paper pictures and text. This technology that looks like a magic is the "net-paper interaction" developed by CLP Skycom in one year. 【detailed】

Strongly watching the third wave: paper solar cells

All along, standby is one of the bottlenecks in the development of tablet products. Coming in, a research team at Osaka University has successfully developed a paper-based solar power cell with a manufacturing cost of only one ten-thousandth of an ordinary solar cell, which can be said to provide new possibilities for the development of flat panel batteries. It is understood that the paper solar cell is a combination of wood pulp, silver wiring and organic matter. Compared with glass cells, it has the characteristics of bendability and folding, and superior processability. 【detailed】

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