"Smooth and smooth essence film - nourishing repair" Professional beauty care

Not long ago, FANCL launched a new "bright and smooth essence soft film - nourishing repair", allowing you to fully control your time, enjoy professional beauty and skin care anytime, anywhere, in less than 15 minutes, you can easily remove dull, rough, Leaves skin soft, supple & instantly

"Bright Slip Essence - Nourishing Repair"

"Bright Slip Essence - Nourishing Repair"

At the same time, the "smooth and smooth essence soft film - nourishing repair" also cooperates with nourishing and activating formula, which can deeply nourish dry and dry skin, accelerate blood circulation, activate cells, and make the skin that has been tired for a long time like enjoying professional beauty skin care. It’s so radiant!

Purifies the skin for instant nourishment and activation

Factors such as life stress, ultraviolet radiation, and age increase can cause loss of nutrients and function of skin cells, causing accumulation of oxides and old waste, resulting in yellowing and dullness of the skin, making it difficult to be clear and bright.

To regain your former vitality and experience the professional beauty and skin care-like high-efficiency repair, you must nourish and activate the skin! The newly-launched “Smoothing Essence Soft Film – Nourishing Repair” contains high-efficiency antioxidant “Vitamin E Particles”, which softens and strengthens blood vessels, effectively promotes blood circulation and improves detoxification and metabolism. With gentle massage, it can quickly dissolve the oxidized waste that penetrates into the skin and deeply removes the skin. It removes yellow gas and removes dullness, leaving the skin clear and flawless, and absorbs nutrients. It is red and white.

In addition, the other anti-nurturing ingredient “Lactobacillus fermentum fermentation essence” in “Smoothing Essence Soft Film – Nourishing Repair” not only removes the lipid peroxide that damages the skin, but also injects the tired cells. Nutrition, activation function, promote the regeneration of healthy cells, greatly reduce the formation of oxides, and restore the skin's radiance.

Removes rough, dark, delicate skin

The skin is rough and dull, the dark particles are increased, the absorption is weak, and the acne marks are “lasting”. This is largely related to the constant accumulation of aging horniness!

The newly-launched “Smoothing Essence Soft Film – Nourishing Repair” softens the keratin with “King Royal Jelly Extract” and “West Pear Juice Fermentation Essence”, and then intelligently removes the old dead skin cells with water, effectively removing dark grains and rough The threat of speeding up the acne marks and fading, while replenishing the cells with water and nutrients, leaving the skin supple and smooth, no longer peeling and removing makeup, making the makeup more pleasing and lasting. This method of cleansing keratin is very gentle, not only does not wear, irritate the skin, but also activates cell renewal, leaving the skin healthy and energetic.

In FANCL's “Face Mask Family”, “Smoothing Essence Soft Film – Nourishing Repair” is a mask that is “subtracted” and “added” simultaneously. Each time, it takes only a few minutes to “subtract”. In addition to the old dead skin cells and oxidized waste that are not needed by the skin, it is rough and dull; at the same time, “adding” water and nutrients to nourish and revitalize the skin is the first choice for busy family professional beauty skin care!

How to use: After cleansing, squeeze 1 part into the palm of your hand and gently spread it on your skin with your fingertips. Gently massage for about 1 minute, then apply for about 15 minutes, rinse with water, and then follow the daily steps of skin care.

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