Use high-gloss powder to make makeup look better

Many MM think that with high-gloss powder , you can paint your makeup beautifully, often with high-gloss powder, and the eyes become swollen and particularly ugly. Today, Xiaobian will give you a bad idea how to use the high-gloss powder. Hurry and learn, next time you can see people with swollen eyes!

Essential tools: eye shadow, eyeliner, highlight powder, blush

Step1, eye makeup

The first is the eye makeup part, taking black and gray eyeshadow as an example. First use the light gray eyeshadow to outline the upper eyelids. The range should not be too large, and then draw a little more in the b area. Then, draw the eyeliner with the eyeliner, and you can slightly increase the sharpness at the end of the eye to increase the radiance of the eyes.

Step2, how to use high gloss powder

After completing the basic eye makeup of the first step, it is the high-gloss powder to appear, and immediately teach you how to use high-gloss powder? First use a small eye shadow brush, apply a proper amount of high-gloss powder, mix thoroughly on the back of the hand, and then brush it at roughly one-third of the end of the eye, taking care not to cover the already finished eye shadow.

Step3, blush

At the highest point of the humerus, after brushing the blush, use the same high-gloss powder to fill the gap between the lower eyelid and the cheekbone blush, but don't draw the entire lower eyelid, so that the highlight is over-exposed. Makes the eyes very scary. Finally, you can smudge it at the end of the eye and you're done!

Use high-gloss powder to make makeup look better

Complete map

Everyone should know how to use high gloss powder! It won't make the whole face shine, highlighting the bright and fascinating eyes. In order not to grab the look of this eye makeup, it is recommended to choose the light and natural color when choosing blush and lipstick, so that the makeup effect is matched. better.

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