World Tide T-Take makeup appreciation

At the four major fashion festivals in Paris, Milan, New York and London, the world's guiding makeup artists and make-up artists have released their imaginations, bringing us a colorful blend of colors, novelty and innovation. The texture of the dream "spring" tide. Abandoning the elements of traditional summer makeup, it is replaced by a more symbolic future: including neo-Gothic eye makeup, Burgundy red lips, and a variety of artistic hair.

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World Tide T-Take makeup appreciation

Although in the rational interval of the brain we think about the pessimistic effects of the economic recession, in the emotional part, women will always pursue the affordable “beauty”, and historical experience tells us that they even It will be crazy during the prosperous period!

We can imagine that after the dream season of this spring and summer, in the days to come, these beautiful masters will bring more surprises through endless creation and imagination. Please be as beautiful and confident as we are, in order to make each other more courageous.

"Full of dark eye makeup and feminine outfit, can bring a strong contrast is the visual impact." Makeup artist Pat Solutions said McGrath. And this season's gothic eye makeup you do not necessarily have to use black to draw, deep purple, dark coffee is a good choice. In addition, false eyelashes also played a significant role, makeup artist Tom Pecheux false eyelashes will not "normal" affixed to the position of the roots of lashes, but it is along the eyelid paste, and produce an upward arc at the end . He said: "This is a new generation of cool and sexy makeup."

Top Tip: Gothic makeup is too dramatic? Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury suggests that in everyday makeup, simply draw the eyeliner on the outside of the upper eyelashes and gently smudge it.

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World Tide T-Take makeup appreciation

“Fresh, beautiful and healthy, this has always been a hallmark of New York Fashion Week.” Paste artist Pat McGrath commented that the natural makeup of nude makeup has long been the mainstay of New York. This season, the addition of feminine feminist elements has made a wonderful change in the minimalist makeup, as if the girls' faces are soft.

Top Tip: delicate eyebrows drawn very critical, Chanel makeup Peter Philips, director suggested two different colors to create eyebrows eyebrow pencil shape,. "This will deepen eyebrow contour and make eyebrows look more natural" dyed Blonde girls should choose a taupe eyebrow pencil, and other hair color women should choose an eyebrow pencil that is similar to the eyebrow color and a lighter than the eyebrow color.

World Tide T-Take makeup appreciation

In the past, the lip color of such a gorgeous gun eye will appear in the cold autumn and winter. This season, red lips with strong eye makeup and spring clothes bring a new and beautiful beauty. “This season's red gives the lips a just right hydration,” says makeup artist Dick Page.

Top Tip: "Asian women are very lucky, because you have delicate lip, so can abandon lip liner, lipstick and just." Guerlain makeup creative director Olivier ECHAUDEMANSION recommended to choose a red lipstick brown tone, he Think that "blue tone lipstick can make you have pure red lips, and strong lip makeup will make you look too mature, fresh red lips are more suitable for spring and summer."

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