Waste plastic bottle hoarded into a mountain city management warning

More than 100,000 plastic bottles! A waste collection station on Dahongmen South Road has stocked so many “baby”, and the Nanyuan street team of the Fengtai Urban Management Brigade recently fined the acquisition station.

According to the owner of the acquisition station, the 100,000 plastic bottles that he collected in a month have averaged 0.15 yuan each. Recently, the purchase price of plastic bottles plummeted, and each bottle can only sell for 0.03 yuan. He had to save first.

The urban management team members stated that the plastic products piled up by the purchasing station were too much, and they must be cleaned up as soon as possible according to regulations, otherwise the ignition star would easily lead to a large fire.

Finally, the owner of the acquisition site stated that the plastic bottles must be removed within 3 days in accordance with the requirements of the urban management team.

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