2011 outdoor knowledge season two: riding mountaineering knee pads can be used together

This topic is very old and deep and has been discussed for a long time! Today, from the choice of protective gear to the use of knee protection, I would like to do my own personal views. I would like to give you advice in one-sided or inappropriate places.

From the above picture, it can be clearly seen that the joints of these two movements are commonly used as fulcrums, and after many times they are called strain points. Today's discussion is knee.


There are several action points during the ride.

1, Ping Road riding, buttocks are usually sitting, the knee straight bend about 90 ° movement, the frequency of movement depends on the speed of riding, joint pressure depends on stalls.
2, climbing usually high joint movement frequency.

The above statement does not include the division of fast and medium-speed slow joint motion. The jargon is called "this you understand"


There are several action points in the daily process.

1, flat, uphill, downhill: when the three major points on the flat bottom walking when the person's mental state and weight conditions and mileage have determined the amount of joint movement

Therefore, it can not be said that climbing will cause knee joint strain. According to the situation of ordinary mountaineering, our load is usually between 15 and 30 pounds, and the time is generally about 6 hours a day. When you carry 15 pounds of equipment and walk the first 2 hours and the last hour, the weight of the upper body is totally different from the knee joint pressure. This is why there are points of disagreement about knee strain and whether kneepads should be used! The starting point for everyone is not standing in one place, so there will be different opinions.

You can't pull it anymore, or you'll run away!

Return to the topic, riding and climbing need to protect the knee is correct, but their knee joint pressure between the two different points of protection is not the same.

The knee pad I usually see is straight-through, and then I add a thick cushion in front of it. This cushion is used to prevent it from falling and hitting my knees and keeping it cold.

However, there is a lack of protection for key long-term 90° movements. Because of the large angle of movement and the frequent personal belief that there is a need for a simple design with the function of protecting and compressing the sacrum, I recommend the use of a double sacral belt. The defect is that if you fall, you do not protect your skin and bones.

The protective gear for mountaineering is more complicated. First, choose according to your own situation. The protective gear is protective. It can play its role whether you have hurt or not. Instead of saying that my legs and feet are fine, I don't need protective gear. Slight damage to the joints during exercise is normal and inevitable. Many times it is slow, plus the usual lack of attention to this injury. (This point of view I believe many people will refute me. My starting point is that the first time I was slightly injured, my body has no sense of heavy weight and neglected. When the self-recovery has not yet been completed, I will exercise again. ])

After measuring your physical condition, look at the intensity of your next workout, whether it's simple or moderate or challenging. Each exercise level has different body pressure and wear. Combine these situations and choose your needs. I think it is more appropriate

Finally, take this opportunity to elaborate on my views on physical injury to high-intensity sports:

An analogy: The gym exercises muscles. If you have 20 barbells a day, then the gym coach will let you stick to 25 and let you do 30 in a few days. This is an excavation of potential. Another way is to add barbells. The type of weightlifting you start with is 100 pounds. It's very easy for the egg to be lifted. The coach will give you 20 pounds for you to raise. When you add another egg, Has been added to 200 --- 300 pounds. Y, you can go to the Olympic Games to get a gold medal!

The above analogy I would like to be able to explain the topic of outdoor climbing challenges, but here to tell you that outdoor is also popular moderation, do not leave too much room for yourself!

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