Seven kinds of commonly used methods of packaging security

It is now generally believed that security holograms are in a leading position in the anti-counterfeiting of display technologies.

The hologram is the result of the recording of the interferograms produced by the two coherent light beams. One of the light rays passes through the interference pattern or is reflected by the interference pattern and cannot be recorded. This technique can record all the information required by a person's vision or other optical instruments. From this information, a true image of a three-dimensional object can be generated. The relief hologram is the most common hologram. Such as we are familiar with the three-dimensional futuristic art forms, credit cards and other valuable information or product labels on the security security logo.

2. Other optical instruments

Other optically variable anti-counterfeiting technologies include optically variable diffraction techniques, thin films, retroreflective materials, and quantized coded images. The optically variable film is characterized by the fact that when the variable film is tilted, its color changes. The retroreflective material uses a translucent film layer with a security code on it. The security code is only visible under the characteristic light source. For quantized coded image printing, a unique electronically programmed camera is used to quantize the coded, distorted, superposed images so that the code printed on the image can only be interpreted by a special decoder.

3. Smart card

A "smart card" is a generic term for a series of readable cards. A small silicon chip and a set of electrical contacts on the card can read the stored data. Smart cards are generally the same size and shape as credit cards, but they can take smaller formats. This technology allows storing and retrieving or retrieving text, images, digitized sound, etc., similar to reading floppy disk data.

4. Magnetics

Magnetic barcodes are widely used in plastic and paper cards, such as credit cards and admission tickets, and are a portable and portable data storage method. The data stored by the magnetic stripe is a set of magnetizable particle code, and the information storage capacity is quite large. The information can be read by the contact scanner.

In the contact memory smart card, the magnetic stripe card needs to be replaced once every 2-3 years. The main problem with using magnetic cards is that they are relatively easy to copy, so there is a certain limit in the application of product security anti-counterfeiting technology.

5. Biological coding

Breakthroughs in biotechnology have promoted the understanding of the uniqueness of biological proteins, such as antibodies, enzymes and DNA. The identification of the specific chemical structure of biological proteins and their characteristic reaction performance make biotechnology an increasingly important area in anti-counterfeiting technology.

Antibodies are extremely sensitive and are a special way of providing product information. Antibodies are biological macromolecules of the immune system that can recognize and capture trace chemicals.

6. Ink

Inks and surface coatings are made by blending white liquid body micelles with liquid resin binders and incorporate additives to control the flow and other related properties of inks and surface coatings. When someone tries to change or eliminate prints, the ink reacts, so it can be used as an anti-counterfeiting measure for instrument detection to determine the authenticity of printing.

7. Microscopic cards

Initially, microscopic cards were developed and produced for identification or traceability of explosives. Adding the microscopic card to the explosive can be determined.

The form of the microscopic card is irregular and random, is a small microscopic particle of plastic, and is not easily damaged. The card color sequence represents its specific card code, and the number of possible codes of the microscopic card is as much as 4.5 billion. Microscopic cards can be used on products and packaging, and are used in a variety of ways, such as placing microscopic cards on a clear surface.

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