MM makeup makeup tips for both eyes

The eyebrows inside are the kind of look-ahead type. Although there are such good advantages, you have not taken some makeup makeup techniques . How do you make yourself more outstanding? Come on.

MM makeup makeup tips for both eyes

1. Sexy girls are suitable for brown eyeshadows, with deep eyelids and shallower eye sockets.

2. Apply the same eye shadow color to the lower eyelid to adjust the depth of the eye shadow color.

3, close to the root of the eyelashes, use the eyeliner to fill the gap of the eyelids of the eyelids, to draw evenly

MM makeup makeup tips for both eyes

4, fixed with a puff to prevent hand shake. Then use the eyeliner to draw a layer on the eye line

5. Brush the eyelashes first and then brush upwards from the roots of the eyelashes. The root of the eyelashes is thick, and the eyelashes are over

6. Check the eyeliner and fill the missing area with an eyeliner to make the eyeliner more rounded.

MM makeup makeup tips for both eyes

7. When drawing the eyeliner, draw only the part of the eye and the corner of the eye. The middle part should be kept.

8. Apply mascara to the middle part of the lower eyelashes and apply a color slightly darker than the eye shadow at the end of the eye.

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