Looking at the furniture industry in Guangdong's three major furniture exhibitions will open a new pattern

“Haigui” furniture went to domestic sales; overseas brands lowered the purchase price to break through the Chinese market; Jingpai furniture clashed, and Yuechuan sent furniture to continue to compete in South China.

From Guangzhou Exhibition and Dongguan, we have a glimpse of the trend of Chinese furniture development.

The furniture fair in March is the weather vane of the furniture industry every year. Both furniture manufacturers and distributors are deploying the development direction throughout the year.

In recent years, the domestic market has been flourishing and the overseas market has been warm and cold. In this context, the 27th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, which was hailed as the “Asian Furniture Trading Center” on March 18~21, was grandly opened. The total scale of the exhibition reached 540,000 square meters, and nearly 3,000 exhibitors were present. The exhibition is divided into two parts: the civil furniture exhibition and the office environment exhibition. The civil furniture exhibition is held from March 18th to 21st, and the office environment exhibition is held from March 27th to 30th. With the gradual recovery of the furniture industry, this year's Guangzhou Exhibition put forward the theme of “International Platform and Promoting the Future”. The concept of “big home”, “consolidating overseas market and expanding domestic market” means its exhibition. The nature will shift from product-oriented to "brand" promotion.

It is reported that this exhibition attracted 3,200 brands at home and abroad, with 100,000 buyers from 154 countries. It can be said that its powerful "watching deals" trade function is fully realized.

Compared with the export orientation of Guangzhou Exhibition, the professional orientation of the international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition with the theme of “Meeting – Reshaping the International Furniture Pattern” started on March 16 is more obvious, and also expresses The need to upgrade the exhibition and carry out export sales. The exhibition area and the number of exhibitors in this exhibition have broken the previous records. The number of exhibition halls has increased to 11 and the exhibition area has increased by 10,000 square meters to 270,000 square meters on the basis of the previous session. For the first time, it broke through thousands and reached 1002.

As the home market environment is still unclear due to national policy adjustments, the furniture exhibition as a wind vane of the furniture industry has become a platform for exhibitors to explore market trends. Looking at the Guangzhou and Dongguan exhibitions, they all showed three characteristics: “Haigui” furniture went to domestic sales; overseas brands lowered the purchase price to break through the Chinese market; Jingpai furniture clashed, and Yuechuan sent furniture to continue to compete in South China.

Overseas pavilions and "Haigui party" joined the battle group

The domestic furniture exhibition and the domestic market are no longer the stage for domestic manufacturers to sing a one-man show. This year's exhibition has encountered the situation of foreign brands “big landing”. At the Guangzhou International Furniture Fair opened on the 18th, there were 3,000 exhibitors. In addition to domestic manufacturers, there are also INDEX from Thailand, ASHLEY from the United States, COLONO from Spain, and RICHIN from Singapore. Exhibitors will gather in the show and compete in the domestic market. At the same time, on the occasion of the overseas corps breaking through the Chinese market, the “sea return group” of export to domestic sales has also increased a lot. The international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition has specially set up the No. 10 pavilion to display the products of export enterprises. As the European and American markets have been affected by the financial turmoil, these export-oriented enterprises have to transfer the center to the domestic consumer market, which is bound to set off a more fierce market competition in the furniture industry.

For the "foreign brand" to break through the Chinese market, some insiders said that in recent years, many overseas brands have broken through the Chinese market with their foreign brand advantages and mature market measures to compete with local enterprises. At the same time, many foreign brands have settled in China, further enhancing the speed of their logistics and the competitiveness of products and prices. Therefore, the competitiveness of overseas pavilions cannot be seen.

Perhaps the current domestic market is far from the fierce competition stage of internal and external difficulties, but undoubtedly overseas pavilions and “returnees” will force domestic manufacturers to continuously improve their self-adaptability, and consumers will be able to enjoy more and better products.

Although the domestic enterprises are not familiar with the foreign furniture industry, with the participation of foreign brands, the new sales model and marketing path of domestic enterprises will bring a new and subversive concept and method. According to industry sources, this may be a big opportunity for the furniture industry to improve their skills and achieve leap.

Beijing-style group, Guangdong and Sichuan

It is understood that through the exhibition for brand promotion, product release, image display and channel development, and ultimately to make orders, is the survival route of many furniture companies. Beijing furniture enterprises pay attention to brand building. In recent years, many furniture enterprises that have great influence in the country have emerged. They pay attention to brand building, pay attention to joint strength, and exert channel advantages. They have chosen “Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition”. As an important platform for its brand promotion, product launch, image display and channel development. Compared with furniture brands in other regions, Beijing furniture enterprises have been positioning high-end, high pricing, focusing on marketing, production capacity and national market share has rapidly increased. The Beijing-based brand that participated in the Guangzhou exhibition has reached more than 60 historically. Chuanpai Furniture is a well-deserved leader in the second and third-tier markets. From the very beginning, it has positioned its products at the low-end and along the road of “urban encircling the city”. In addition to earlier brands such as the Dynasty and Red Apple, which were mainly targeted at the first-line market, many Guangdong furniture companies that had previously focused on exporting were aware that it was difficult to establish a foothold in the market. In 2011, they established a “Guangdong Furniture Pavilion” in various cities across the country. And extend the tentacles to the second and third-tier markets. Jingran, a senior consultant of the Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, said that during the exhibition, Guangdong furniture companies are facing the challenges of Sichuan and Beijing, and the strengths of the Northeast, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong regions should not be underestimated.

Furniture "show" era opens

In the exhibition, many furniture brands are thinking about and discussing how to successfully transform through brand management, how to open up new channels in the era of business model, and how to complete the marketing breakthrough under the new competitive situation. As a result, the manufacturers have made all the efforts at the exhibition, and engaged in exhibition marketing.

Regardless of the extended exhibition of the Dongguan show, beautiful models, body paintings, etc., it is very eye-catching, and even the Guangzhou exhibition, which is favored for export, has become fragrant and sexy because of painting and stars. Basically, companies that have done exhibition marketing are mostly in the market. The show is not necessarily successful, but attracting people to the door is at least half successful.

The exhibition marketing of the furniture industry is relatively backward and obsolete. This year's exhibition, due to the addition of live sculptures and body paintings, has become more visible. Traditional furniture exhibitions emphasize professionalism and are only for professional audiences, so everyone just strives to do product display and don't want anything else. It is true that the product is the ultimate weapon for the company to be recognized, but if it is impossible to attract people to the door, I am afraid that the wine is also afraid of the alley.

Of course, if the marketing effect is good but the product is very weak, then indeed, as the insiders say: How many beautiful women are useless!

Furniture exhibition has always been the vane of the furniture industry. At this exhibition, the impact of overseas pavilions and “Haiguipai” will undoubtedly intensify the competition in the domestic furniture market that has already been smouldering. The South China exhibition of regional furniture, the national layout will also bring certain changes to the home market. Of course, the intensification of competition has also brought about an upgrade of the marketing ideas of furniture companies. More furniture companies are becoming more and more aware of “making a show”, and furniture exhibitions have become less serious and boring.

Looking at the Guangzhou Exhibition and the Dongguan Exhibition, some large enterprises have begun to undergo an essential change in the operation mode of the exhibition. It is no longer a simple new product display, or a simple investment, not only focusing on product and environmental improvement, but spreading At the level, it is more comprehensive and more thoughtful. It shows the clarity of the main theme, the propaganda of the media system, and the extension of the agent channels.

Undoubtedly, "sea return", "foreign brand", "furniture show", "popular trend" have become an important point of view for the two furniture fairs, and with the addition of the "sea" character, the Cantonese brand Breakout, the rise of regional powers such as Northeast China, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong, the “out of the box” of more regional brands, the changes in the existing pattern of the furniture industry, coupled with the adjustment of the marketing strategy of furniture brands, seeking a suitable display method for the self, the furniture industry will also Welcome a new era.

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