Beer bottle packaging metal can trend

Baxter Brewing Co. of Lewiston, Maine, has recently joined this trend by using metal cans instead of glass bottle packaging products. In the United States, more and more craft beer producers replace metal bottle containers with metal cans. Ten years ago, there wasn't a craft brewery that used metal cans to package beer. Today, at least 100 craft brewery plants have at least one product in metal cans.

Luke Livin, president and founder of the brewery, said that the source of the metal can is good for the product, the environment and the consumer. First of all, the metal cans are good for maintaining the quality of the wine, because the beer is stored in a metal can more protected from light and in the glass than in the glass, and this packaging is convenient to carry out picnics and other places. For environmental impact, due to the lighter weight of metal cans, the carbon footprint produced during transportation is lower, and consumers are twice as likely to recover metal cans as glass bottles.'s survey data shows that at least 100 craft brewery plants in 39 states of the United States have at least one product packaged in metal cans. RussPhillips, head of the website, said: "People are increasingly forming such a concept that good beer should be packaged in metal cans."

Pressed Cookware:

Aluminum cookware is generally use to every family. Since aluminum is a light weight metal with very good heat conductivity and is an excellent choice of metal for making cookware. Aluminum cookware does not rust, and it is resistant to corrosion. Because aluminum cookware can react with some acidic foods to change the taste of the food, most aluminum cookware has been coated with a nonstick coating. Either process will eliminate the problem of acidic reaction.

Aluminum cookware that has been made from sheet aluminum is manufactured using a pressing process under heat and pressure.

pressed cookware

die-cast cookware

pressed cookware

Pressed Cookware

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