Corn seed vigor identification method

Visual inspection method. Visually observe the shape and color of corn embryos. Where the seed embryo is protruding or shrinking, showing dark and dull, the seed is fresh and viable, and can be used for production.

Seed soaking and germination method. First soak 100 seeds in water for about two hours to swell, put on moist grass paper, cover with moist grass paper, put in sufficient oxygen, room temperature 10-20 ℃ environment, let the seeds fully germinate; then the number of germinated seeds Divide by 100 and multiply by 100% to find the germination rate. Although this measurement method is accurate, it takes 8 days.

Red ink dyeing method. Use a commercially available red ink plus 19 parts of tap water to make a dye; randomly pick 100 corn seeds and soak them in water for two hours to let them swell; use tweezers to peel out the swollen seed embryos and milk embryos one by one; After the treatment, the seeds are evenly placed in the incubator, and the dye is injected to the degree of submerging the seeds. After 15-20 minutes of dyeing, the dye is poured out and the seeds are washed repeatedly with tap water. The dead seed embryo and endosperm appear dark red, and the live seed embryo is not stained or slightly reddish. According to this, the number of live seeds is judged, divided by 100, and multiplied by 100%, it is the germination rate.

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