Key points of cigarette packaging design

As the saying goes: "People rely on clothing, and Buddha wants gold." Even the finest cigarettes must have excellent packaging to make consumers intoxicated. In fact, cigarette packaging considers the air permeability of cigarette paper, the pattern and color of the mouth, the gloss and toughness of aluminum paper, the color of the seal, the pattern and color design of the large and small boxes, the quality of the paper and the quality of the printing , All have a decisive relationship with the brand value-added stores of cigarette products. Let's discuss with you the eight main points of cigarette packaging design.

Color: the mainstream can only be measured

"The movement of looking, the heart is shaken." This is a famous sentence in "Wen Xin Diao Long", which shows that color will affect people's psychological activities and affect our actions. Modern color psychologists have more clearly pointed out that color acts on human senses and can cause people to produce various emotions; due to physiological and psychological reasons of aesthetic subjects, different colors give different feelings and produce different Emotion; the emotional nature of color, including the excitement and calmness of color, warmth and coldness, forward and backward, expansion and contraction, lightness and weight, liveliness and melancholy, gorgeousness and simplicity. For example, red, orange, purple and other colors are warm and warm, with a sense of advancement and expansion; green, blue and other colors are cold and quiet, with a sense of receding and shrinking; green is calm and stable, the color is deep and heavy; yellow is bright and cheerful, the color Shallow and light. The excitement and calmness of colors, warmth and coldness, liveliness and melancholy, gorgeousness and simplicity are usually inseparable from the association of related colors. Faced with certain colors, different people may have their own unique associations, but they also have obvious commonalities. For example, red reminds people of fire and blood, and thus has a warm and excited emotion, yellow reminds people of bright sunshine, so it feels bright and warm; blue reminds people of the sky and the sea, so it has a calm and peaceful emotion, green Reminiscent of green plants produces a feeling of business and prosperity; white reminds people of snow, with a pure, cool meaning.

The survey reports of many authoritative institutions show that Chinese consumers' preference for cigarette packaging is concentrated in red, gold (yellow), white (silver), etc., and 70% of them prefer red tones. The reason is that a country and a nation's love of color is inseparable from its living environment, social culture, religious belief and other traditional factors. People often call China “Red China” because under the influence of traditional Chinese culture and Confucianism, red is considered auspicious and festive, and wedding, birthday and festive celebrations are inseparable from red. For example, China ’s Paper-cutting, even the overall red color does not make people bored, which is difficult to understand in the Western world. At the same time, gold is the symbol of grade, which makes people feel dignified and trust, representing wealth and success; white as a neutral color naturally has a place, and silver is also a symbol of wealth and grade.

Because smoking itself is a kind of performance art, for most people, it is eager to be recognized and affirmed by others, so it is natural to choose the color recognized by the public. For the gift function of cigarettes, it needs to be recognized and affirmed by the recipient. Without knowing the recipient's special preference for color, it represents the auspicious and rich red and gold (yellow) colors. Is the first choice. This is the reason why the domestically produced high-end cigarettes are all red and golden. For alternatives, such as blue cigarettes, it is naturally a niche demand. Only those who are pursuing alternatives and advertised personalities will consider it. As for gift-giving, the weekday lira relationship is still acceptable, but it must be married. In birthdays and festivals, use it to express your feelings, so few people dare to "take the risk of the world" because it seems out of place. If you meet a person who is more traditional, it may become a "offense". Why bother?

For brands pursuing economies of scale, it is best not to deliberately create distinctive colors. The lesson is not far away. The pursuit of alternatives will only push yourself into the niche market, and eventually fall into the "trap", the famous "Furong Wang" "Now I have fallen into the" blue trap. " It can be seen that the mainstream color preference of consumers is easy to increase.

Logo: Pass the spirit

The traditional concept is that the design of the brand logo is to distinguish and identify. Although there is nothing wrong with it, it is very superficial and backward, without understanding the definition of the origin of the brand, it is impossible to grasp the driving force of the brand. For the rapid growth of the brand, we need to have a new understanding and understanding of the design idea and purpose of the brand logo.

Today we are already living in an era driven by consumers. In addition to gaining functional benefits, consumers also need to get more emotional benefits. Therefore, consumers need the logo to become more personalized and more proactive, so as to bring a richer meaning to their perception, and consumers have begun to enjoy the emotional experience that the brand brings to them.

The emotional meaning of a brand needs to evolve from "receiving instructions" to "spiritual resonance", and the expression of the brand logo also needs to develop from "impact" to "connection". The brand logo can contain deep emotional connotations, as long as we are good at creating and discovering the vacancies of consumers. If a brand ’s logo does not have a good emotional definition, although it can still be advertised and has a reputation, it can be said for sure that it cannot be loved and respected by most people. Even if it is successful, it will be more effective. This is business. The last thing people want to see. Only those humanized brands with emotional stories that can bring rich associations can have a huge appeal, connect with its target audience in multiple dimensions and angles, and establish deep emotions.

If the brand logo is not endowed with a humanized element, it blends the unique spirit of the brand, that is, without a "heart", it is like a person with no heart, cold and uninteresting, of course. It is difficult to establish a close emotional relationship. Logos can often express deep meanings that cannot be expressed by words. They are more personalized and humanized than words. They are the common visual language of human beings. They can instantly attract the attention and interest of audiences, move their hearts, and establish long-term Closely related. In order to promote the rapid growth of the brand, we should establish the concept of designing logos for the soul and create moving totem symbols. In order to create a totem symbol designed for the soul, it shows a profound spiritual connotation and artistic appeal between the square inches, giving people a feeling of tranquility, softness, fullness, harmony, so that the moist matter is silent, we need to follow the following The four major design rules: first, concise and clear, easy to understand and easy to pass, second, novel and unique, full of personality, third, conform to aesthetics, blending spirit and spirit, and fourth, advancing with the times, inheriting history.

For example, Yunyan's logo is an excellent work. The word "Yunyan" is a selection of copybooks by Wang Xizhi, the emperor of the book, reflecting the elegant temperament of Yunyan; the "Ruyi" logo is an aesthetic representative of traditional Chinese culture and reflects the inheritance of Chinese culture. After tempering, the Yunyan brand has gradually formed a cultural auspicious appeal with a solemn, mellow and peaceful charm. While achieving the noble and elegant demeanor of the Yunyan brand, it also firmly occupies the consumers “planted in the bone marrow, flowing The Chinese cultural mental resources of "Bloodline".

Pattern: coordinated

From a broad perspective, the logo is certainly one of the patterns. This refers to the non-Logo patterns used in the packaging design of the cigarette case. As shown in the above picture, the ancient Chinese pattern on the cigarette case "Yun Yan" (soft purple) is like this. Tiananmen Watchtower on the "China" cigarette pack.

The application and configuration of patterns in packaging design must also focus on attracting customers' attention and strive to play a role in promoting the brand. The stimulation of packaging patterns on customers is sometimes more specific, stronger and more convincing than the brand name, and often plays a role in stimulating purchase behavior. Its design generally follows the following basic principles: the form and content should be consistent, specific and clear, at a glance, and fully display the attributes and characteristics of the product. There are usually three ways here, one is to use realistic color photos to represent the goods, which is the most popular in food packaging. Realistic color photos show the color, taste and type of mouth-watering; second is to directly display The product itself, such as fully transparent packaging and skylight packaging, is very popular in food, textiles, and light industrial products; the third is to display the product's raw materials, preparation, efficacy, use, and maintenance of specific instructions through patterns, such as "Golden Leaf" "(天 叶) The three patterns under the three large characters" Golden Leaf "on the front of the box body.

The design of packaging patterns requires simple lines, vivid personalities, and reasonable colors to impress consumers. Take the Royal Salute 21 in Scotch Whisky as an example. The wine has been carefully brewed for 21 years, and it is served in a royal porcelain bottle of three colors of blue, red and green. The bottle is engraved with the image of a knight with a sword and a horse, and there are two salutes on the brand logo. It is also equipped with a 21-year-old identification certificate issued by the Scotch Whiskey Association. The entire package is elegant and rich, so that some people will carefully store the bottles after drinking.

I think that the design of cigarette packaging should be based on sales performance design. For example, the application of the three patterns under the three large characters "Golden Leaf" on the front of the "Golden Leaf" (Tianye) box is very correct from the perspective of thinking. It's also remarkable, but it's not intuitive enough, and it needs the designer to work harder. It will be more effective if you improve it. In addition, the tobacco leaves on the lid are superfluous, because too many tobacco leaves will limit consumers' association and affect the expression of their value. Since they are positioned as high-end cigarettes, they should reflect their noble identity. For example, the cigarette case of KENT cigarettes is white all over, and a white ancient castle stands amidst a piece of white, coupled with the golden "KENT" trademark, it will remind people of the ancient castle. Noble life. The background of the camel (CAMEL) cigarette case is light yellow, which is a metaphor for the vast desert. The pyramids and palm trees on the background pattern represent the ancient East, giving a mysterious and original feeling. Such packaging can give people the feeling of a high-priced brand, so that they can be upgraded.

In addition, can the packaging of high-end cigarettes refer to the practice of cigars? Since the signs of cigar production or dealers appeared on the cigar box in the 1830s, in the increasingly fierce business competition, people's awareness of advertising has become stronger and stronger, and the trademarks on the cigar box have gradually been changed from simple text Or geometric patterns gradually developed into watercolor paintings or oil paintings with rich content, diverse themes and colorful colors. In order to expand the influence of products, cigar manufacturers or distributors try to use these highly artistic paintings to attract the attention of consumers, so as to increase the popularity of their products and enterprises, and have achieved remarkable results. These paintings often have corporate culture as the background, animals and portraits as the content, and major historical events as the theme, which has certain commemorative significance. There are two main types of paintings on the cigar box: one is to draw directly on the side of the lid, which may be called a Wooden Board painting; the other is to draw (or print) on paper first, and then paste on the lid The side is called a sticker.

With the strengthening of tobacco control, it is unknown whether warning signs will be added in the future, but we must also make relevant preparations and take precautions so as not to be caught by surprise. At the same time, we must pay attention to the problem of taboos, and try to use auspicious patterns that target consumers like.

Text: Pleasing to the eye, interpreting the connotation

Personalized fonts can be used to express the specific meaning of the brand, because the personality of the font also conveys another message about personality, that is, the personality of a brand. The purpose of personalized font design is to make the text not only have the function of fully conveying information, but also be harmonious and unified with the product form and product function; the consumer's aesthetic concept. Generally follow the following principles:

1. To meet the overall design requirements of the packaging, the type, size, structure, presentation skills and artistic style of the font must obey the overall design. It is necessary to strengthen the unity and harmony of the overall effect of the text and the product, and cannot unilaterally highlight the text.

2. There should not be too many types of fonts: a packaging picture may require several fonts, or both Chinese and foreign languages. The combination of general fonts should be limited to three. Excessive combinations will destroy the overall sense of unity and appear Cumbersome and messy; any combination of pursuit of stimulation will destroy coordination and harmony.

3. The font should have a sense of the times: the fonts reflect a certain era, if they can coordinate with the content of the product, it will deepen the understanding and association of the product. Such as seal body, body, and a strong sense of simplicity, showing the long history of the Chinese nation, it is very suitable for packaging such as "court food", but for modern industrial products, it is very different from the modern sense of the product. Strong fonts, such as isometrics, artistic characters, etc., are very coordinated.

4. Combining product features: The packaging text is selected for beautification of packaging, product introduction, and product promotion. The artistic image of the text should not only be contagious, but also be able to cause association, and make this association coordinate with the product form and content to produce a unified aesthetic, such as some cosmetics use thin lines to highlight the brand name and product name, can give people With a relaxed, elegant feeling.

5. Font arrangement is an important aspect of composition. Diversified arrangement can make the composition novel and rich in changes. However, diversification should be subordinated to the whole, and the text should be coordinated with trademarks, patterns, etc., so that they can enjoy the elegance and vulgarity, which is both new and in line with the habits of the public.

6. It should have a strong visual appeal: including artistry and legibility. The former should work hard on the arrangement and font style. The arrangement must be beautiful and compact, dense and dense, the spacing is fresh and change, and the font size and thickness are appropriate. It has a certain artistry and can beautify the composition. Generally, those with a small number of words can work hard to highlight the decorative function; those with a large number of words should focus on reading efficiency, and often choose a thinner font with horizontal strokes than vertical strokes, so that the line of sight flows horizontally.

In short, a carefully designed personalized font can contain rich brand emotional connotations, which is a very important visual element in brand building. The font and size of the cigarette packaging design should strive to keep consumers bored for a long time, and try to show the value of the "Golden Leaf" brand with beauty, atmosphere and style.

In addition, in order to enrich the cultural connotation of cigarette brands and further improve the cultural taste of the brand, can famous poems and famous sentences written by famous calligraphers depict the Central Plains culture be used to highlight the unique cultural style of cigarette brands so that consumers can consume You can not only taste the unique flavor of cigarettes, but also enjoy the classic culture that has lasted for a long time. Why not do it? At that time, although Chairman Mao's quotations on the "Golden Leaf" cigarette case were the works of the time, they were of great value.

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