Five ways to improve the productivity of the printing shop

Almost every printing company is using different equipment, and the service life of these equipment is also different. This means that we can improve the production efficiency of the printing shop through various methods.

1. Set the benchmark for the printing press

Choose a job that you have to do every month, and record its job preparation time and related production parameters, such as the production speed of the printing press, the start-up loss, and the number of times to shut down the blanket for cleaning. In addition, the reason and time of each shutdown must be recorded. Of course, the waste of paper and the use of materials should also be documented. It is best to allow every shift of workers to record the status of the printing press during shifts, so that we can see whether our production efficiency has improved.

2. Cleaning the printing workshop

Implement 5S production management system and strictly abide by all regulations. But before you start implementing this plan, you must clean your office.

3. Ask the equipment manufacturer to check and repair the problems in the printing press

This may require some costs, but are you willing to let your printing press be produced with bad parts? If you measure the productivity of the printing press after replacing a new part and compare it with the results of previous tests, you will notice a significant improvement.

4. Stimulate the enthusiasm of employees

Employees always have strange ideas and suggestions. Listen carefully to their freshmen and try to adopt their ideas-even if you are not optimistic about their ideas.

5. Implement accountability

If you have already adopted the above mentioned methods and the productivity of some employees has not improved, then you can consider publishing everyone's work efficiency. After all, no one wants to lag behind other colleagues.

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