Opinions on selection of masterbatch carrier

What kind of resin is used as the carrier for the masterbatch has not been a good conclusion. Some companies use "application to determine the carrier", that is, which material is used as the carrier. This is indeed very good for color masterbatch with low toner ratio, does not produce delamination, and has little effect on the performance of the material. However, it is more difficult for masterbatch with high toner content. Toner content is too high, the most basic infiltration of toner is difficult to achieve. If low-molecular-weight wax is used to achieve the purpose of infiltration as soon as possible, the dispersion of the toner in the carrier is affected due to the ineffective transfer of shear.

Other manufacturers use the "approximate carrier" method. That is, use a material that is partially compatible with the material as a carrier. In this way, the requirements for the carrier are relaxed a lot. However, for some products with point-shaped glue inlets, due to the flow shear in the local area during the molding process, air lines, silver lines and even phase separation may occur. Therefore, when making masterbatch, the choice of basic carrier should not seem to be set in stone. It should be decided according to the molding conditions, material composition and final use of the product.

Some masterbatch factories that have been in contact with them usually use the corresponding resin as the carrier, otherwise there will be incompatibility problems. Good color masterbatch manufacturers use silicone oil when matching color powder, the main purpose should be to improve the dispersibility and fluidity. The cost of silicone oil is high, and there are problems with adding more. The main reason is that the molecular weight of silicone oil is small, which will affect printing and painting after precipitation. If it is poor, white mineral oil and stearic acid are used. It is easily decomposed at high temperature and smells.

In a word, the most important thing to be done as a masterbatch is dispersion and fluidity.

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