Homemade natural beeswax lipstick is cheap, safe and easy to use

Homemade natural beeswax lipstick is cheap, safe and easy to use
Lipstick is a strange thing to everyone. It is basically a must-have for people, especially in winter. How many people know what kind of lipstick they use, and they eat a lot of mineral oil mineral wax. Xiaobian now decisively give up outside to buy, directly with their own, cheap and rest assured. Not much nonsense, you can start DIY pure natural beeswax lipstick at home, teach you how to teach.
Diy lipstick material and tools
Beeswax, lipstick tube, VE, honey, beaker-like container, cotton cloth, imported almond oil, imported jojoba oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil.
Homemade lipstick step
1. The step of tanning the beeswax is the hardest part of the DIY process and takes 2 nights. Prepare a pot of cold water separately, put the beeswax into the pot and add water to the whole to melt. Clean the bubbles above and filter them into cold water. Repeat this purification. It can be filtered with a cotton cloth that has been removed by a medical mask. After the whole process, because it is not a professional instrument, the beeswax contains a small amount of impurities, but it does not affect at all, because the beeswax itself is edible. Eating the covered honeycomb honey is effective for stomach diseases, that is, even the sealing wax. Eat with the hive.
2. The lipstick is cleaned by hot water, and then blown dry with a hair dryer.
3. The oil is placed in a beaker along with the beeswax and heated to the full temperature. VE and honey are not resistant to high temperature, so you can't put them in the pot together. After the melt is finished, put it out and add VE and honey. This step is very important. If you don't master honey, you can't integrate it.
4. Stir well and open it, then wait for it to solidify before use.
If you do not import almond oil, imported jojoba oil, or shea butter, you can use extra virgin olive oil. The other production steps are the same. The cost is much lower and the effect is good. Pregnant women and babies can also use it, but it is definitely not as good as the previous one. The above ingredients are all edible and can be used with confidence.

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