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After the equinox passes, can winter be far behind? Solving the problem of keeping warm must be on the agenda. Today's questions for everyone are: How do you choose the warmth of the outdoor trip: down, cotton, fleece? Thank you Topic Guest: Live in the dump site http://zhuangbeiku.com/users/874 Bear and Doll http://zhuangbeiku.com/users/1569 Continue to visit http://zhuangbeiku.com/square/13470

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â—† Mudu: What are the advantages of down, cotton, and fleece?

Fine Road Aberdeen Paul: Down is the best for the most important low-quality cold area, easy to compress, does not take up space; fleece suitable for low latitude in spring and autumn; cotton or abandon it, absorb sweat, not wicking, prone to cold for a long time on the body.

Tents: According to different travel environments, different types of warm equipment are selected. Under normal circumstances, individuals feel that all three can choose. If it is a multi-day long line, the warm layer will choose lightweight fluffy down, reducing the volume of carrying items. If it is in the extreme environment (such as climbing) most people choose or down, of course, cotton products, such as P cotton, taking into account the warmth and a certain degree of waterproof performance, but also many people's choices. Living in the garbage dump: Personal favorite down, down from the light, warm, easy storage are all awesome, and now has a water-repellent effect of down, after soaking in water can maintain a certain degree of warmth, chemical fiber cotton warm slightly Lower than down, but the effect of keeping warm after soaking is very bovine, the biggest advantage of fleece: low prices.

â—† Cubs and dolls: What is the difference between fluffy feathers?

Bear Brother: Fluffiness represents the "quality" of the down jacket. Refers to the value of cubic inches of volume per ounce (30 grams) of down. The larger the volume, the more air it holds and the warmer it is. In other words, the higher the dullness of the down, the down under the same amount of down down can be fixed with a larger volume of air layer to keep warm and heat insulation, down is more light and incomparable, to achieve unmatched warmth and weight ratio. Looseness is generally divided into 550,600,700,800 and 900.

Living in the garbage dump: The downy degree of down, which is commonly referred to as the number of tents, explains: Looseness is an important measure of the degree of feather warmth in the world. It means that each ounce (30 grams) of down is accounted for under certain conditions. Volumetric cubic inches of value. For example, if one ounce of down space occupies 600 cubic inches, the duvet is said to have a loftiness of 600. The higher the dullness of the down, indicating that down in the same amount of down-filling can fix a larger volume of air layer to insulate and insulate, so the down warmth is better. This is an index that is more important than the amount of cashmere contained. The downy high down jacket not only has good thermal performance, but also has a light and close fit that can incorporate more design elements. This has become an important development trend. We can also describe in other ways: Suppose a corn that has not yet been opened is a bunch of low-bulk, down-pile, and a fully-opened corn is a bunch of high-loft down feathers. Measuring the volume of the two types of corn, respectively, it is clear that the “completely popped” corn takes up more space.

â—† Bird song: What is P cotton? how about it?

Living in a dump: P-cotton explains: Primaloft is a super-soft, water-repellent microfiber that is a good substitute for down fibers. It is lightweight and has the soft, warm feel of down fibers. Primaloft is ideally suited for use in wet and snowy weather, and is therefore widely used in high-quality ski gloves, sleeping bags and clothing fillings. Some top-tier clothing brands use it as a clothing filler, and Primaloft The application of special gloves is gradually expanding. It not only improves the feeling of wearing gloves, improves the comfort and insulation of the gloves, but also gives the gloves better flexibility. Arctic Sirius: Most of the time wearing down, depending on the weather conditions plus the outer layer. The popularity of P cotton is not high enough, the cost is high, and the bulkiness is limited.

Bears and dolls: Nowadays, P-cotton products are popular because thin and light waterproof can keep warm without losing temperature under the conditions of low temperature and raininess. Whether it is all kinds of rayon or down, the reason why it can keep warm and warm is because of its It can form a gas chamber by itself to stop air circulation and achieve warmth. The advantage of P-cotton is that it is softer and lighter than other rayon, and it is more water-repellent than down. But there are also drawbacks - warmth and no down. After a lot of washing, the effect of itself decreases.

â—† vest vest: outdoor cotton can be used?

Living in the dump: Cotton can not be used, but artificial fiber cotton is really good outdoor warmth supplies.

▉达人观点 viewpoint

â—† China Dragon: I will choose down warm layer down, light weight, good comfort, easy to carry, easy to compress. If the conditions are right, we will choose high quality goose down and high fluffy. However, its shortcomings are also relatively obvious, high prices, poor water and moisture resistance. Although cotton clothing has superior moisture-proof properties, but without losing the warmth, the price is relatively low, but its negative impact on the weight and volume is inevitable. Fleece, I often wear in the early outdoor, it has a certain anti-water repellent function, but its functionality will be compromised in the face of low temperature environment, poor warmth, not easy to dry after wetting. Soft shell, with warm and windproof wear resistance, but also has a certain waterproof capacity, from the adaptability of it can be suitable for use in a variety of environments, but the weight of the soft shell is basically no advantage, bulky, if selected as a long-term carrying clothes, Its advantage is not obvious.

â—† Fu character: light and down, easy to store, but also warm, I must choose down.

â—† Mudu: According to different travel, choose a different thermal layer, the favorite is down.

â—† Wandering the horizon X: The theory of three layers of warmth is more suitable for non-tropical areas. The non-tropical warmth layer also depends on the air humidity and activity intensity. High fluffy down is an option, P cotton is also an option.

â—† The demon is acrimony: I am in Inner Mongolia, the climate is cold and dry, this summer camping in the mountains, desert, I still take the ultra-thin down jacket, used in the night! Ultra light down jacket is the basic model here for me.

Mullsr: I must choose the temperature elevation in the winter, cold, what Bosideng was before, and later I changed into a black yak, and the Korean version was quite acceptable. I usually travel in winter, except for business, I'm a feather to carry with you, and it's not bulky.

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