The current status of drinking water after the precipitation of water packaging

Introduction: Since the implementation of the new standard for self-packaging drinking water has been more than 4 months, what changes will the new national standard bring to the drinking water industry? How should consumers choose in the future?

The name of “conceptual water” has gradually disappeared. The “conceptual water” that has emerged in the drinking water market has long dazzled consumers. On April 27, in a supermarket in Shijingshan, Beijing, a 50-year-old woman looked confused. She was buying bottled drinking water. There were different brands of drinking natural mineral water, drinking mineral water and drinking natural water on the shelves. , soda, distilled water, etc. "I have a little granddaughter in my family, so I usually buy bottled water and go home to drink it. But every time I buy it, I spend a long time, too many brands, and I can't judge which kind of water to choose." The lady told reporters .

According to the new national standard requirements, in addition to drinking natural mineral water, packaged drinking water will be divided into two categories: drinking pure water and other drinking water. The names of “concept water” such as “drinking mineral water”, “oxygen-rich water”, “small molecule water”, “ionized water”, “functional water” and “energy water” will disappear, consumers choose to drink Water will be simpler.

In the survey, it was found that consumers have chosen to pack and drink drinking water, which has formed a basic sense of judgment. First identify whether drinking pure water or natural mineral water. For the drinking of natural water in Nongfu Spring, consumers will also consider it as a category.

In fact, the opinions of experts in the industry are different for the kind of packaging drinking water that is good. However, all drinking water must comply with the Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water (GB5749-2006). As long as the hygiene standards are met, there is basically no adverse effect on the human body.

Some experts said that after the new national standard imposes strict requirements on the name and logo of water species, consumers will be more likely to identify the true colors of various drinking waters, and will also stop the hype of “conceptual water” and help consumers to be correct. Buy drinking water and protect consumer rights. At the same time, the implementation of the new national standard will enhance consumers' awareness of drinking water products, and force enterprises to work hard on product quality.

The new national standard is conducive to ensuring water quality safety In recent years, the drinking water market has been continually raging, and it has also caused many doubts. For example, the “Standard Gate” event of Nongfu Spring in 2013; the “fake water” incident in Beijing and other cities in the summer of 2015... The introduction of the new national standard undoubtedly injected a strong shot into the healthy development of the drinking water market.

“In the past, we tested those indicators that did not have much impact on water quality safety, and the new national standard more targeted detection of pathogenic bacteria in water, strengthening the requirements for product quality. The quality threshold for packaging drinking water is not reduced, But it will improve. This will help to ensure the safety of the water quality of the packaged drinking water.” Wang Zhansheng, a senior expert in the domestic water industry and a professor of environmental science and engineering at Tsinghua University, said that the new national standard will eliminate the number of colonies and other indicators, and will not drink the package. The quality of the water has an impact. Even if the total number of packaged drinking water colonies exceeds the standard, it is not necessarily harmful to the body, because bacteria are also classified into harmful bacteria, harmless bacteria and beneficial bacteria. For example, mold, which is found in people's tofu.

According to industry insiders, the big role of the new national standard is to unify the previously dispersed standards and clear the relevant standards for drinking water products. This will undoubtedly facilitate the implementation of the standardization of enterprises, so that enterprises can return to the "product is king" position. The competition in the drinking water market is fierce, and enterprises must seek transformation and upgrading under the new national standard.

Water source has become a "place of competition"

Water sources are critical to the production of natural mineral water. Li Ping, secretary-general of the Mineral Water Committee of the Beijing Mining Association, said that natural mineral water is actually a mineral resource of the country, and its mining needs to obtain a “mining license” issued by the land and resources department.

“Natural mineral water requires high water source and needs to protect the water source. The national standard of “Drinking Natural Mineral Water” and “Specifications for Geological Exploration of Natural Mineral Water” have detailed regulations on the protection of mineral water source. Ping said that in recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the source of natural mineral water has become the target of major water companies.

Experts in the industry pointed out that the improper development and utilization of natural mineral water will produce hydrogeological problems such as water attenuation, which will also have certain impact on surface water resources and vegetation. In addition, some sewage will be produced during the production process, and if it is not treated environmentally, it may cause pollution to the natural mineral water source. With the increase in the market demand for natural mineral water, it is necessary to fully consider the hydrogeological conditions of the mineral water, the surrounding ecological environment, the conservation of the mineral water source and the water quality and quantity, etc., and rational and orderly mining, can not exhaust the fish.

In addition, consumers tend to confuse so-called “mineral water” with natural mineral water, which is considered to have the function of replenishing minerals. However, "mineral water" is pure water in nature, but only a small amount of minerals such as potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate are artificially added. Compared with the special requirements of natural mineral water for water sources, pure water has low requirements for water sources, mainly produced by using urban tap water, and even using recycled water, but it will not cause harm to human body.

In order to allow consumers to easily identify the type of water, the new national standard makes special provisions for the labeling of packaging drinking water additive components: when adding food additives to the packaged drinking water, the food additive should be marked in the vicinity of the product name. Adjust the taste and so on. In this regard, some experts believe that this will have a significant impact on the production of mineral water, consumers will be more easily identified to drink natural mineral water, which is a big plus for natural mineral water producers.

The drinking water market still needs to be standardized. In the current segment of the packaging drinking water market, the bottled water market environment is significantly better than the bottled water market, which has become the consensus in the industry.

Li Ping said that the quality and safety of drinking bottled water is divided into two parts, some of which are the quality and safety of water enterprises, and the second part is the quality and safety of water shops. On the one hand, we must ensure the quality and safety of water enterprises at the source, on the other hand, we must ensure the quality and safety of drinking water in the transportation and storage.

“In order to let the people buy the water, in 2014, the Mineral Water Committee of the Beijing Mining Association, according to the recommendation of the bottled water production enterprises, after evaluation, selected 154 'Reassuring Water Shops' and awarded them. The production company will regularly visit the 'Reassuring Water Shop' to ensure that the bottled water sold in the water shop is a regular qualified product." Li Ping said that this year, the Beijing Mining Association Mineral Water Committee will continue to select "Reassuring Water Shop" ".

For consumers how to buy drinking water, Zhao Feihong, president of the Beijing Health Protection Association's Healthy Drinking Water Professional Committee, suggested that one should buy drinking water in a large supermarket or a regular water station; the second is to buy a large brand of drinking water. The water of these brands generally has anti-counterfeiting labels, which can be verified by scanning the QR code and making a call. In addition, although water is colorless and odorless, if consumers often drink the same kind of water, they can still drink a unique taste. If the taste suddenly changes, consumers should pay attention to whether they have bought “fake water”.

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