How much is the floor tile mosaic size?

Nowadays, young people are pursuing stylish personalities. Many people will make parquet tiles at home during decoration, which makes them full of personality, but they do not know the size and price of parquet tiles . So, here follow the small series together mosaic tile size is generally understood how much, and how much parquet floor tiles?

1. What is the general size of floor tiles?

1. In fact, the size of the floor tile mosaic is not very large compared to the general floor tiles, and there are many types of sizes. The general ones have the first 200 * 300mm size, the second type is 250 * 330mm, and the third The size of the mosaic floor tiles is 300 * 450mm, and the fourth type is 300 * 600mm.

2. Of course, the floor tiles must be divided into rooms, if it is a large bathroom, two sizes are used, which are 300 * 450mm and 300 * 600mm. Then there is the size of ordinary toilets 300 * 300mm. What I want to talk about is that in fact, the production process is very advanced now, so in addition to the unexpected size of commonly used mosaic tiles, you can also decide the size of mosaic tiles according to your own requirements.

Second, how much is the floor tile parquet

1. How much is the floor tile parquet ? This price is not fixed, mainly depends on the parquet area, the requirements for construction, the master's technology and so on. Therefore, the specific price is determined according to the actual situation of your home.

2. The cost of the floor tiles is 120 yuan per piece, and two pieces of two-color parquet need to be bought. The construction cost of the workers' waterjet is generally charged according to the item. The simple one is about 200 yuan, and the complicated 500 yuan is not easy to find workers. On other accessories, the cost of floor tile mosaic is about 300-500 yuan, while the price of the current mosaic tile is 300-400 yuan, and the total cost is almost the same. However, there will be a requirement for workers to construct, that is, the damage caused by cutting should be borne (loss) by the owner. In addition, manual cutting is definitely not as good as the mechanical process, and the overall effect is definitely not as good as one-piece mosaics. In the living room of your friend's house, you will definitely see all kinds of beautiful floors!

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