Which brand of shower is good? Ten brands of shower

With the continuous progress of society, people's aesthetic consciousness is constantly improving, and higher requirements are placed on the quality of home life. In the current home decoration, the bathroom is an important part of home decoration, which is indispensable for the improvement of the taste of the entire home a significant role, most families will choose in the bathroom decoration showers, due to the rapid economic development of the market many brands of showers, then showers which brand it? The top ten rankings have long become consumers' shopping orientation. The following is a detailed introduction around which brand of shower is good , hoping to bring reference value to users.

When choosing a shower head, water-saving features are the key points to consider when choosing a product. Some showers use a steel ball spool and are equipped with a hot water controller to adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of design shower is more reasonable than ordinary shower 50% water saving. Second, pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean. The clogging of the water outlet of the shower is often caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. In order to avoid the blockage of the water outlet caused by poor water quality, many showers are equipped with a function to automatically remove scale.

Which brand of shower head is good? Top 10 brands of shower heads 1. Moen

(Started in the United States in 1937, one of the world's largest faucet consumer companies, Moen (China) Co., Ltd.) Moen Inc. is a world-renowned high-end faucet, kitchen sink, shower head, and bathroom hardware accessories. One of professional manufacturing companies. Currently Moen has become one of the top ten brands of shower heads.

Top ten brands of showers 2. Hans Grohe

(Started in Germany in 1901, a century-old history, the world's top faucet brand, Hansgrohe Shanghai Co., Ltd.) In 1901, Mr. Hans Grohe (Hans Grohe) in Hansgrohe established his named Han Sigma Company. Hansgrid devotes itself to the consumption of shower heads, faucets and a full set of shower equipment, and devotes itself to creating a warmer and warmer overall bathroom space for customers. Haige, one of the three well-known brands under Hansgrohe, is a professional brand that consumes shower heads, faucets, and water products. Its product design is simple, functional, and durable.

Top ten brands of showers 3. HHSN brilliant

(China's famous trademark, China's famous brand, the first batch of water-saving certified enterprise products, Fujian Huihuang Plumbing Group) Huihuang Plumbing Group Co., Ltd. consumes all kinds of ceramic tablets sealed faucets (faucets), hardware pendants, sanitary ceramics, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms , Shower and other integrated series of kitchen and bathroom products, deeply loved and loved by a wide range of distributors and consumers.

Top ten brands of showers 4. Jomoo Jomoo

(Chinese famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, Fujian famous brand product, top ten brands of shower head, Jiumu Group) Jiumu Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, is currently one of the largest domestic sanitary ware product manufacturers and suppliers in China, in 2004 In July, "JOMOO JIUMU" shower head was certified by Canadian CSA. In April 2003, the subsidiary of JIUMU Group, "Quanzhou JIUMU Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd." was established, which mainly consumes shower head shower products.

Top ten brands of showers 5. Kohler Kohler

(Started in 1873 in the United States, the top ten brands of shower heads, a hundred years of history, the United States Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd.) Kohler Kitchen and Bathroom Group is one of the members of Kohler Company, acting as a leader in the global kitchen and bathroom products category Important role. As a diversified manufacturing company that is at the forefront of the world, Kohler leads the global kitchen and bathroom products. Kohler ’s enterprises and their businesses are all over the world. The products mainly include bathroom, shower, faucet, furniture and other accessories, and a series of famous brand. Kohler's rain shower overhead shower adopts advanced "oxyphilic" water flow technology to quickly suck air from the top into the shower shower and separate it from the abundant water, so that the water droplets drop quietly like rain, providing a very warm natural feeling ; Styles include square, round and classic styles and other styles, and there are a variety of sizes and sizes, which can match different design styles of bathrooms; all copper materials, polished chrome appearance, strong corrosion resistance to ensure durability, timelessness new.

Top ten brands of showers 6. Gauss Coso

(World Faucet Brand from Germany, Top Ten Faucet Brands, Foshan Huiying Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd .. COSO sanitary ware has established a professional sanitary ware consumption base in China since 1993, relying on novel German design concepts and advanced consumer equipment, Strict quality requirements and quality inspection procedures and the special spirit injected into the wonderful relationship of people, after more than ten years of development, have become a global brand of bathroom products. In 2000, Coso Gauss (China) was the first to develop and launch a large shower series. Lead the innovation and development of the Chinese bathroom market.

Top ten brands of showers 7. Grohe Grohe

(Started in Germany in 1936, the first-line brand, the world's leading brand of bathroom faucets in Germany, the world brand, Shanghai) German GROHE Group is a world-renowned supplier of bathroom products and systems and a global exporter. It is based on the pioneers who demand fine and high-quality flesh, and its business is popularized in Europe, Asia and other regions, and its reputation is spread all over the world. GROHE also obtained ISO9001, the international quality recognition certificate, by virtue of its bathroom installation, manufacturing and design of shower heads and accessories, becoming one of the earliest in the industry to achieve the above-mentioned recognition.

Top ten brands of showers 8. Shen Luda

(Chinese famous brand, Chinese famous trademark, Fujian famous brand products, top ten brands of shower heads, Fujian Shenluda Group) Shenluda is also one of the top ten brands of shower heads, Shenluda's products have won the society and users with their innovative design and reliable quality. Trust, Shenluda people will, as always, pursue excellence, revive national industry, strive for first-class brand, and contribute to society with more and more high-quality products.

Top Ten Brands of Showers 9. Chenglin Gaobao GOBO

(Wide range of faucets, shower heads and ceramic sanitary ware consumption bases, top ten brands of shower heads, Shenzhen Chenglin Co., Ltd.) One of the top ten brands of shower heads, Cheng Lin Gaobao focuses on independent innovative design and development, which will be fashionable, Technology, Ankang, energy saving, and environmental protection are successfully interpreted in the product. It enjoys 12 international authoritative certifications and multiple international patents, which brings consumers an unprecedented new bathroom experience from time to time.

Top ten brands of shower head 10. Kang Liyuan KLY

(Ten shower brands, drafting industry norms, Heshan Kangliyuan Sanitary Ware Industry Co., Ltd.) Kangliyuan's main products are faucets, showers, toilets, bathroom switches, shower rooms, bathtubs, sinks, hardware accessories and other sanitary products , Kang Liyuan Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech modern enterprise integrating R & D, design, consumption faucet, shower head, hardware and overall sanitary ware. Kang Liyuan's product design is close to the pulse of the times, and the pursuit of practicality is completely separated from the trend. Each product is a carefully crafted and complete artwork.

Editor's summary: When buying a shower, the gold plating and spool of the shower are also the key points. The plating on the outside of a good shower is smooth and delicate. The good quality valve core is made of high-hardness ceramic. This valve core is durable, will not leak water, drip, it is very smooth to use, and will not be astringent. In this way, you can try it yourself. A good shower feels very good. This is the precautions when choosing a shower. The article about which brand of shower is good and the introduction of the top ten brands of showers, I hope to help everyone. The top ten brands of showers have their own characteristics, and I am a little dazzled. As for the brand of showers, if you want to ask me, the key is that your own preferences depend on the actual situation. In the face of this big brand product, product quality is not what we are worried about. It is more important to choose a shower brand that suits you.

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