Inconspicuous negligence can affect your overall training!

   Many people dream of having a beautiful muscle. So, when I have time, I will go to the gym to practice hard, but the effect is not obvious. In fact, it is not difficult to train a muscle. In addition to persisting in training, perseverance, there are many fitness and nutrition skills to master, and many inconspicuous negligence can affect your overall training!


   Exercise time is best fixed

Each exercise is arranged at the same time as much as possible, so that you can develop good exercise habits and help to form a conditional reflex in your internal organs.

Taboo: One hour after a meal and one hour before going to bed, it will affect digestion and sleep. Appropriate supplementation of some medium and low GI carbon water before training can have better physical strength and energy training, such as: 1-2 bananas, 1 apple or 2 whole wheat bread; and some protein (2-3 egg whites, 100 grams) Chicken breast or a protein powder)

The best time for physical strength is usually between 15:00 and 20:00, which can be considered as the main exercise time. Always changing the training time, it will cause obstacles to the training effect, and can not maximize the effect.

   Suitable for exercise time

Beginners and peacetime labor is more than three times a week, 1-1.5 hours each time, do not have to choose too many actions, do a classic compound action, you do not have too much time and energy to complete too fine training So don't be stubborn.

For beginners, you should pay attention to it. Don't overdo it. Fat is not a bite. Similarly, the effect of time needs to accumulate. Sudden increase in the amount of exercise can easily lead to physical emergency response, resulting in soreness and spirit in the next few days. The wilting.

   The load should be based on your own strength.

Generally speaking, the number of muscle training can reach 8-12 weights. Friends who have training foundation or experience can set according to their own situation, and will not repeat them.

Some friends are most likely to commit to the pursuit of weight, resulting in deformation of the action, too much leverage, causing damage to specific parts, and doing what they can. Don't do anything to pursue weight.


   Practice several groups for each action

Each exercise requires multiple sets of exercises so that the stimulated muscles can enter the state and the muscle volume can be increased. Generally, the number of large muscle groups can be increased, and the number of small muscle groups can be less. Each movement of beginners is appropriate in three groups, not less than two groups. After a certain foundation, it is added to three to five groups according to the strength of the growth.

   Do not take too long breaks

The rest time between each practice group should not be too long, usually between 40 seconds and 50 seconds. Do not rest more than 1-5 minutes for heavy load and high intensity exercises. Excessive rest time will affect the exercise effect.

   Concentration can be concentrated by some external force before training

Effective use of some methods can make the state of exercise better, such as using caffeine, tea excitement, improving the state of training, music or inspirational video to achieve spiritual excitement, of course, you can also choose sports nutrition The use of nitrogen pumps and some caffeine-containing fat-reducing products (such as muscle technology elite fat killer and green coffee fat-reducing capsules) to complete the training state and the specific goals of the body. Just like drinking coffee and tea, don't use it before going to bed. It is not good to have insomnia at rest time.

   Master the correct breathing and use ideas for training

It is very necessary to master the breathing rhythm during training, not only to make the movements coordinated and rhythm, but also to achieve greater weight in the exercise, and to use the contraction force and eccentric contraction of the muscle group during training. Better find the feeling of training the target muscle group and improve the training effect.

Using the control of weight and movement to feel the force and contraction of the target muscle group, it is very important to control and feel the muscle.

   Very important stretching and warming up before training

The weather is getting colder and colder. It is very necessary for the warm-up stage before training. It not only makes more synovial fluid lubricate the joints, but more importantly, it avoids the problem of sports injuries. Moreover, the stretching of the target muscle group before training can make the muscle fiber better exert force and force to achieve the best training effect.

Stretching after training, the muscles are better relaxed, and the muscles are more elongated during active stretching, making the muscles more complete.


   Last and foremost, nutritional supplements in the golden period after training

Within 2 hours after training, it is the golden age for the body to absorb nutrients. It is very important to quickly add protein to let the body get into the muscle synthesis state as quickly as possible.

You can choose high-protein foods (such as prepared chicken breasts or beef, but you need to go through the stomach for about 1 hour of digestion, so it is best to eat after half an hour of rest, according to different physique, lower stomach digestion ability Or older people should pay attention to the burden on the stomach) or protein powder (cold water directly rushed, the most convenient and fastest is also the most beneficial to absorb, widely loved by the fitness group) as a quick supplement after training. Three-point training, seven-point eating, if you miss the best period of protein supplementation after training, it is equivalent to a 30% discount on training. This is why many people have been practicing hard but the muscle growth effect is not obvious. The reason why the expected goal is the biggest.


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