100 yuan practical storage cabinet recommended more convenient than the wardrobe storage

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Although the wardrobe is large in size and large in capacity. However, it is not convenient and quick. Here, the China Wardrobe Network recommends four storage cabinets to create a clean and comfortable home in a limited space.

[Ya Mei Le Korean storage cabinet]

Bedroom storage cabinet

Brand : Yami Music Model: HSA43

Price : 108 yuan

Product Comments : The substrate used in this storage cabinet is E0 grade environmental standard particle board with high flexural strength. The melamine finish is not easy to wear and is easy to scrub. In addition, it is freely combined and can be combined according to your space requirements, so the three-tier combination storage space is very large.

[Color three-layer wooden cabinet]

Hundred yuan storage cabinet

Brand : Space Master Model: BZ4289SDCH

Price : 139 yuan

Size : 42*29*89cm

Product Comments : This free-standing storage cabinet, without tools, free to disassemble, convenient to store the daily necessities. The color of the plastic door is various, and the candy color is simple and generous. It can also cover your dust and storage, and also decorate your living room.

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