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Do not blindly choose furniture detection errors

In the daily home decoration process, furniture is the most important, and the detection of furniture products has naturally become the focus of consumers.

However, at present, the furniture testing related services and testing institutions are not perfect, so consumers have a lot of misunderstandings about furniture testing.

Today, the reporter interprets the misunderstandings that consumers have in furniture testing, so that you have a deeper understanding of furniture testing.

Misunderstanding 1:

If there is smell, it will be detected if there is no smell.

Many consumers often feel that the furniture itself has a certain smell after the furniture enters the market. Many consumers feel that it is necessary to carry out relevant tests on the furniture products. On the contrary, many consumers are relieved of their odorless furniture products and feel that there is no need to test them.

Interpretation: odorless does not mean no need to detect

At present, many furniture are mainly used for testing some harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. According to the reporter, the excessive formaldehyde in the furniture will bring a certain pungent odor. Compared to formaldehyde, many pollutants do not have a special smell, which causes obstacles in furniture testing. Therefore, consumers also neglect the furniture inspection. Moreover, when consumers choose furniture, they should pay more attention to the test report of furniture products, and carefully check the test report on the environmental performance of furniture paint.

Misunderstanding 2:

Only one board is needed to detect furniture

Many consumers believe that when the furniture is tested, it is only necessary to take a piece of furniture on the furniture to check whether the corresponding furniture meets the standard. For such testing, many consumers are also eager to see that small-area damage detection is affordable.

Interpretation: damage detection must first fully identify the furniture

For such a need to damage the furniture for testing. Wu Shengfu, director of the China Forestry Industry Agreement Marketing Department, told reporters that, first of all, the entire furniture needs to be transported to the relevant testing institutions, and the materials of each part should be fully qualified. Then, according to the proportion of different materials, the number of samples is calculated and random detection is performed.

For the method that consumers often think of only taking one piece of plate for inspection, in fact, it can not comprehensively detect the environmental protection of the entire furniture, and the result can only represent the furniture inspection of the removed part.

Misunderstanding 3: Adsorption and other methods can reduce the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture

At present, after many furniture products enter the market, consumers are worried that the formaldehyde in the furniture will exceed the standard, and they will find some companies specializing in the control of furniture pollution in the market to test the pollution caused by furniture.

Interpretation: Governance companies generally detect the overall environment

The reporter visited the market and learned that the current companies related to indoor air management are mainly aimed at the indoor overall environment, but have not launched related services for individual furniture testing.

In addition, the use of other methods such as adsorption to reduce the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture is actually a temporary solution, because the release of formaldehyde is a long-term process.

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