Simple and practical storage cabinets

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] storage cabinet is a necessary storage tool for every household. The price ranges from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan, and the style is diverse. The general working class likes simple and beautiful design, and the price is less than one hundred yuan.

Four-layer door storage cabinet

Storage cabinet design

Brand : good reputation

Model : B112-0008

Price : 159 yuan

Material : Particleboard / Melamine Board

Size : 422*290*1066mm

Product Comments : A very slimming storage cabinet, but the storage function is very powerful, four layers of four drawers, are open door design, with dust-proof effect, and more convenient layered management of items. The simple light wood color is matched with smooth lines, which are beautiful and elegant, and can be easily matched with any home style.

Removable storage cabinet

Home storage

Brand : Ifor

Model : Y1674

Price : 168 yuan

Material : Particleboard / Melamine Board

Size : length 80* deep 28*65 height cm

Product Comments : This storage cabinet uses melamine particle board, which meets European E1 environmental protection standards, high flexural strength and no odor. The surface of melamine has the characteristics of durability and wear resistance. If it is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth. The storage space of the four large grids is absolutely sufficient. More importantly, the design of the four casters is free to move and has great flexibility.

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