Mastering skin care tips, dull and yellow skin no longer has

Dark and yellow skin can not be attributed to one reason alone. There are many obstacles to skin lightening. Therefore, you must join the brightening campaign immediately and master the skin care tips without hesitation.

Master skin care tips, dark and yellow skin no longer

1, caused by a variety of reasons

Long-term exposure to the sun, the ultraviolet rays in the sun have irreversible damage to our skin, the anti-free radical ability in the skin is weakened, the metabolism will naturally slow down, and the color of the skin cells will deepen, which will gradually form a dark yellow complexion. Secondly, if you do not clean up the greasy dirt and old keratin on the surface of the accumulated skin in time, it will also affect the refracting of the underlying radiance of our skin, making the skin dark yellow. In addition, if you accidentally use the poor quality skin care products For example, the skin is exposed to harmful chemicals such as lead and tribute, and the skin color is darkened. Therefore, the reason for the dark complexion of skin is multi-faceted. It is necessary to start from many aspects to restore skin whiteness.

2, simple and effective skin care maintenance method

In addition to thoroughly cleaning the makeup every day, use effective skin care products to brighten the complexion. Choose to quickly and effectively fight melanin and brighten skin tone. Choose a whitening ingredient that is fast and effective against melanin, brightens skin, and is safe and reliable. After cleansing, use a cotton pad to wipe the whitening toner, which can whiten and moisturize, and can be cleaned twice to remove the impurities on the face. Next, apply whitening essence, and press the cotton pad soaked with whitening toner on the cheeks of yellow gas, which stays for more than 30 seconds, which can enhance the absorption effect of whitening essence. After a while, you can witness the true whiteness of the skin.

3, detoxification, accelerate the purification of skin color

In order to maintain the skin white and tender, detoxification is necessary. Vitamin-containing foods and crude fiber grains help to detoxify. Regular steaming saunas can also help the skin to sweat and nourish. After work, regular simple aerobic exercise can speed up blood circulation and body metabolism, not only let you sleep better, but also the magic effect of purifying skin color.

4, daily anti-oxidation is not lazy

Special reminder, because of the "face OL" caused by computer radiation, before going to work, must apply anti-oxidation sunscreen cream, if it can be applied once every 3 to 4 hours, the effect is better. It can also be applied locally in areas that are prone to sinking. In addition, put a pot of green potted plants in front of the computer, you can also raise the face to resist radiation. >>> Washing steps should be done with whitening skin


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