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If you ask an investor, what kind of wholesale market is valuable? He will use his fingers to analyze regional values, locations, surrounding facilities, transportation and other elements; but if you ask the same question for a merchant, they will not hesitate to tell you the answer - professional operation.

In fact, under the background of the 177 wholesale markets in Zhengzhou, the new large-scale wholesale market has risen outside the fourth ring. In order to attract “homeless” merchants, various markets have shown their own views. Home ability. Among them, the Golden Horse Triumph Home CBD with 18 years of experience in professional home market operation has become one of the leaders and leaders.

After "moving out"

How to "develop"

“After moving out, can this business still be done?” When it comes to the topic of relocation, Lao Zheng, who has worked on furniture business for more than ten years, is a little excited. He feels that if he moves to a remote new market, it is very inconvenient for people to shop. “When you spend a day buying a roll of wallpaper, will consumers be happy? Tianrong International Building Materials Port and Xiangjiang Building Materials Market have not been done for so many years, showing that popularity is not easy to cohesion, and the market cultivation period is difficult to predict.”

“Wholesale market moves out, one demolition and one construction, plus the early cultivation, developers have to invest 800 million to 1 billion yuan.” Song Xiangqing, executive vice president and secretary general of Henan Business Economics Association, believes that the wholesale market is not For a small matter, the investment of developers and merchants will be very large.

In his view, the wholesale market will move out and the new market will take 3 to 5 years to cultivate. Therefore, for the external market and merchants, the urgent question is: how to survive after the wholesale market moves out.

“Successful move is only a factor that the market can maintain, and the main core of prosperity lies in attracting investment, the quality of merchants, the shift of business focus of the merchants, etc.” The consensus of many industry insiders is that After the issue of "out", the key is to ensure that the wholesale market "can develop."

In fact, an outbound market is only the most basic requirement to survive. It is the ultimate goal of a market to achieve prosperity, livelihood and further distance.

In order to ensure “development”, all parties are working hard. At the government level, support policies have been introduced from project approval, basic support, tax and fee reduction, and business children’s schooling.

In this context, it is particularly important for the relocation market to take the “single cheats” in cultivating the market and attracting investment and business.

The market wants to develop, and the soft power is the last word.

Hardware is the first step of attracting business. If you want to retain merchants, attract customers, and do a prosperous market, there is not enough hardware.

"There is a common problem in enterprises now, that is, the hardware is too hard, and the software is too soft. The hardware is mainly visible in the store environment, decoration grades, etc. are very advanced, and the software is mainly invisible value-added services, brand expansion, management Ideas and so on are relatively backward, the two are very mismatched, their comprehensive role does not lie in the long board and depends on the short board, software has become a bottleneck restricting development.” Nanjing University professor and senior engineer Qian Zhixin talked about the project “software and hardware” When the relationship is between, it means that "soft power" is the most important factor affecting competition.

Perhaps, as Qian Zhixin said, after the commercial street of high-rise buildings, the new wholesale market should be considered more about how to make the new market gather popularity. Only in this way can the market be prosperous.

"The success of a commercial project is not to see how expensive the building is, how expensive it is to sell, but to look at its operational capabilities. The operational capability determines the vitality of the project. The Golden Horse Triumph Group follows three principles in its operation: Wild Array Effect, separation of the three powers, six unifications." When talking about the business strategy of Zhengzhou Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD, Xiao Ma, chairman of the Golden Horse Triumph Group, said with confidence.

The so-called "wild geese effect" is to use the furniture brand as the overall grasp of the new urban complex, and effectively enhance the development vitality and motivation of the complex. “Separation of the three powers” ​​refers to the “separation of the three rights” of property ownership, management rights and management rights. The investor has 50 years of independent property rights, which will reach the scale of 5,000 operators. The annual marketing expenses of the business management company will reach 3000. Over 10,000 yuan, truly form a big platform for sharing and win-win with furniture manufacturers, distributors and investors.

And in business management, Zhengzhou Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD implements a strict and scientific "six unification" principle: unified image management, unified investment management, unified business theme, unified marketing management, unified property management, unified service supervision, providing merchants with best service.

5,000 merchants gathered, Zhongyuan Home Business Center formed

177 wholesale markets moved out, this big cake attracted the attention of many capital predators, and in this, Golden Horse Triumph has its own unique advantages.

On August 7th, Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD “Looking for Zhongyuan Partner” brand investment double-selection will be held to build a wealth platform for brand merchants and dealers, and open the door to 100 billion wealth. It is understood that 100 first-line brands, 200 building materials dealers and 300 furniture dealers gathered in this double-election meeting, which not only further improved the industrial layout of Jinma Kaixuan, but also laid a solid foundation for the prosperity of the shopping mall.

Prior to this, Zhengzhou Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD successfully signed a contract with the Hong Kong Family Association and successfully signed a contract with the China Home Furnishing Brand to lead the overall upgrade of the home market, including Wei An, TOTO, Life Baroque, Zhihua Shi, Kang Nai Deng, Fu Yun, Yunshitong, Kangsheng, Shenzhen CBD Bedding, Gujia, Sihai, Dixin, Fubao, Yonghe, Yuanfangyuan, Jade, Huayuanxuan, Aomei, Xingli, Zuo, Pinmu, Meilin, Yaobang, etc. The 5,000 international home furnishing products are strong.

"In addition, 50 years of property rights, shop, property ownership, management rights and management rights are separated and organically unified modern operation mode, the owner as a gold shop holder or operator, can be rented for sale, and can enjoy passive growth of real estate And the market operation brings a virtuous circle effect." In this brand double-election meeting, the relevant person in charge of Jinma Kaixuan said frankly, "Investment is only the first step, raising a business is the most important, through professional market operations, Jinma Kaixuan home The CBD will grow with the merchants and add value together."

According to the above-mentioned person in charge, the international furniture MALL of Zhengzhou Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD will be opened soon. Moreover, the project has the industrial policy advantages of key projects of Henan, Zhengzhou and Zhongyuan District Governments. The main areas of the 177 professional market are to be grounded, which will form a city commercial center supporting furniture, building materials, decoration, lamps, household items and hotels. Each year, hundreds of millions of yuan of publicity and advertising will be devoted to image creation and theme promotion. The strategy promotes the brand communication and product sales of the merchants in all aspects.

Therefore, Zhengzhou Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD will be the home business center of Henan and even the entire Central Plains in the future, and will also become a logistics distribution base with a radiation radius of 500 kilometers and serving 170 million consumers.

Golden Horse Triumph, build a home commercial aircraft carrier

It should be said that Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD has a complete industrial chain, covering the supply of raw and auxiliary materials, product development, production, display, terminal sales, office, residential and other multi-integrated service areas, complete industrial chain integration development, and logistics transportation road The network is developed and can effectively undertake the transfer of the home industry to the middle.

In addition, Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD adopts the business model of “pre-shop and post-factory”, which directly reduces the logistics cost of the factory; the planning of the core business district of the large-scale 3.8 million square meters of home industry, the formation of factory direct sales, reducing the operating costs of manufacturers, and then consumption Provide more cost-effective home products.

But if you only see these, or just the name of the Golden Horse Triumph Home CBD, it will be positioned as a large market for the home industry, which is a big mistake.

"Professional positioning is only the foundation of the market and is a necessary condition for the market. However, as a commercial aircraft carrier with a building capacity of 3.8 million square meters, its perfect living facilities and other conditions should not be ignored by investors." A person in charge of Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD said that the project integrates shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering and sightseeing in functional planning. It is a one-stop multi-functional comprehensive commercial plaza with a theme park shopping district. Enjoy the double fun of shopping and leisure.

It is reported that Zhengzhou Jinma Kaixuan Home CBD, relying on the Central Plains urban agglomeration, is guided by the intelligent high-end home industry chain, creating a creative and entrepreneurial park integrating R&D design, standard setting, product evaluation and testing, education and training, and marketing headquarters. One-stop shopping, overall solution "marketing method, create a convenient and comfortable home shopping MALL integrating home decoration design and decoration, furniture, building materials, home decoration, lighting, home appliances and other modern home brands; with personalized fashion green as the guide, Create a new and enjoyable consumption model that integrates modern service, catering, entertainment, hotels, department stores, supermarkets, commercial streets, and business offices, and creates a new urban complex with the theme of “home”.

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